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Looking for the perfect classic OP; very open WTB, show me what you've got!

Hello, all!  Before I get started, here's my feedback:

I am in the US, and always pay by paypal :}

Now, let's get down to business ;D

It's almost fall, and that means that I've been going on some major clothing binges, which I totally love!  So, here I go again, I'm looking for the perfect classic JSK/OP for the fall!  I'm not going to be ultra specific on this one, since I absolutely adore anything classic and will look at anything, but I am always going to be a bit picky, so here's exactly what I'm looking for:

Brands: Innocent World (my favorite!), Mary Magdalene, Juliette et Justine, Victorian Maiden, Moi-Même-Moitié (maybe), Indie brands (Rose Melody, Dear Celine, etc.) and replicas/offbrand, and virtually anything else so long as it is in the classic style.

Colors:  Brown, black, burgundy, sage, possibly antique white or Ivory.

Any!  But I'm leaning towards long JSKs, or at-the-knee OPs.

  Not necessary, but I prefer floral prints.  Nothing too sweet, please; I don't do sweet too well.

Here are some photo examples of things I'd die for, real or replica, so if you've got one of these then let me know!  But remember, I'll look at anything, these are just examples!

Tags: !wtb, antique beast, beth, blasphemina's closet, dear celine, indie brand, innocent world, juliette et justine, mary magdalene, metamorphose, moi-meme-moitie, rose melody, victorian maiden
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