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!DS: BTSSB JSKs, blouses, bolero, IW JSK, AAtP Ivory Sleeping Beauty JSK

Information about me:
I will ship from Bay Area, California
I am open to local pickups and will shave a few bucks off the price if you do a local pickup
I live in a smoke-free home
I have a dark-haired cat
My feedback is at here

First person to leave their paypal gets the item
If you do not pay within 24 hours of the invoice, I will offer it to the next person unless you notify me
No holds
If you don't buy insurance or ask me to mark down your items on the custom forms, I'm not responsible for what happens when it gets lost in mail

Prices are in USD
I don't charge Paypal fees because I'm nice like that
Free priority USPS shipping for $100+ items, Free first class shipping for items below $100 in USA
International shipping will be +$20 to the price unless you want to use first class in which I will not be responsible for if it gets lost or something in mail
I'll ship within a week after receiving your invoice
I am willing to listen to offers though

If you would like to see more pictures or proof of ownership for items below (I forgot to put in a slip of paper or something :<), just ask!

Also I am aware that my cell phone camera sucks so when I can, I'm putting up stock pictures with my pictures linked below or just linking to the pictures if I can't find a stock picture._.

SOLD AAtP Sleeping Beauty JSK in IVORY- $275
Stock Picture
Extra pictures: JSK Unpinned dress bow closeup Tag

I repeat, this JSK is in IVORY not black. It is BNWT, I've only tried it on and unpinned the bow to see if it would look prettier in another spot. I haven't pinned it back on the dress yet and will ship it unpinned because I don't want to screw up and pin it onto the fabric of JSK instead of under the lace ._. I bought this on reservation from the Baby website.

SOLD Innocent World Strawberry Rose Garden Long Jumperskirt+Matching Headbow Milk Tea/Pink- $200
Stock Pic
JSK Headbow

Bought it off comm sales new, the seller had only tried it on. I've only tried it on too. It's a lovely JSK but not my style. I also have the headbow too which I'm throwing in for free. I won't split, sorry.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Three Tiered JSK BxW- $50

Extra pictures: JSK Tag and lace closeup

This JSK is very well-worn and the lace is yellowing in some parts and the black has faded a bit. I purchased it off the comm sales for the same price and now I'm passing on the savings to you! The price is not a lie.

SOLD BtSSB Shirring Red JSK- $125
JSK Waist ties and extra picture Color Reference I AM NOT SELLING THIS NOR DO I OWN THIS HEADBOW

Fully shirred bodice, so practically all lolitas can wear this! I bought this new from the BtSSB store in San Francisco and they cut off the tags :( I've only tried this on. Due to my pictures being horribly bad, I've included a random red headbow from the BtSSB website as a color reference.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Ivory Shirred Blouse- $100

Blouse Color comparison with below blouse

Again, I repeat that the blouse I'm selling is IVORY not black. I bought this from the BtSSB SF store so they cut off the tags. I've only tried it on. It is still crispily new.

SOLD Baby the Stars Bright White Babydoll Shirred Blouse- $50
Blouse Collar detail Color comparison with above blouse

Used- bought from EGL comm sales, not in the best condition but not as bad as the JSK. The fabric on the collar is weirdly bumpy but I haven't tried ironing it.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Ivory Knit Bolero- $60
Bolero Tag Ribbons

Used, bought it off EGL comm sales. It has pearls on the edges which you can see in the back of the ribbon picture. It has velour ribbons, but they are fraying as I've shown in the picture above.
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world

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