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DS: LOTS of stuff- moving sale part 1

Ton of AP, Meta, BtssB, IW, and Swimmer
1) Items being shipped from the USA. Prices are in USD.
2) Paypal preferred 
4) I reserve the right to not sell to those who have negative or no feedback. 
5)Feedback found on ebay under elerronyar29 (feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll), and etsy under elerronyar (www.etsy.com/people/elerronyar/feedback)
Also now available at my personal journal!elerronyar.livejournal.com/188997.html
And yet again available on the new feedback site- http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/189741.html
Details on feedback can be found on my personal journal, which people have recently been using.
6)**Please note** NO HAGGLING
These items are already GREATLY reduced.
Shipping is absolutely reasonable.
Please also note- I'm only going to ship EMS to Italy. I expect buyers to cover shipping costs.

Do not send me PMs- I'm not getting notifications and rarely check.

If you absolutely must contact me outside of comments in this post, please email me at elerronyar AT gmail DOT com.

-I've looked over all pieces to make sure that they don't have any visible stains. So please buy with assurance :D

Shipping is included in price for MOST items FOR WITHIN THE USA. INTERNATIONAL, please add $5!
Items are coming from Chicago, IL, USA.
Shipping usually is via airmail/first class- please note this is not tracked or insured. Please request if you want tracking or insurance as it will be extra.

Combined shipping available.

PLEASE fill out a form!

Preference for shipping (tracking? insurance?): 

***THIS will allow me to give you exact pricing on shipping right away AND ENSURES YOUR SPOT IN LINE :D ***
Please fill out this form even if you are unsure/have a question- as priority goes to those who fill out the form.

ALL items that have not been shipped out will be shipped out this upcoming WEDNESDAY!

Layaway/payment plans is acceptable!
Please note I can deny layaway if you do not have feedback, so please provide feedback.
I require a 20% nonrefundable deposit. I also request that buyer is responsible for paypal fees unless you are paying with a paypal balance.

I still have AP jewelry, Meta JSK and yukata, AND swimmer goods here: 

Travel through my list of goodies with my trusty kitty Penne!

Kira Imai tapestry
Gorgeous cloth tapestry from Kira Imai, purchased at Marui One in Tokyo, Japan.
Excellent condition.
14" wide, about 35.5" long
Top and bottom edges are not finished.
Shipping for this would be $3 in the US, $5 internationally, both by first class mail.

Starting bid: $20

Current bid: $45

Please bid in $2 increments

Auction ends August 24th at 11:00pm Central Time

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Angelic Pretty~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Milky Planet Ring in sax x pink
Excellent condition
$50 shipped
payment pending

With my kitty Penne

Jewelry Jelly sax ring
Excellent condition
$50 shipped

With my kitty Penne

Butterfly metal ring
Excellent condition- gorgeous ring!
$50 shipped

With my kitty Penne

Eat Me pink ring
Excellent condition- absolutely adorable
$50 shipped
payment pending

With my kitty Penne
Milky Planet lavender socks
Never worn- COMPLETELY new.
$45 shipped

Jewelry Jelly stationary
Ended up not wanting to use it. Asking price same as what I paid for it shipping + winning bid!
$16.50 shipped
lose up
Pic from the ebay auction

AP red heart purse
Adorable purse that I never used- completely new and just kept in storage
About 11" long(across), 9" high(depth of purse), and 5"wide
Has a cute detachable heart and pearl tag.
$120 shipped

Pic of the inside

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Baby the Stars Shine Bright~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Bear charm
Absolutely new, never removed from packaging
Cute to add to your phone or your purse.
Asking price is cheaper than the price on the website- www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/and/134041.html
$25 shipped

With my kitty Penne


Meta Bloomers
Never worn- excellent condition.
Fits up to 35" waist
$30 shipped
payment pending

Meta Black hairbow combs
never worn- absolutely new
$20 shipped
payment pending

Back of bows

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Indie brands and other~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Anna House dress
Worn a few times but has been dry cleaned. great condition!
Custom size/make. Size L (bust 36-38", waist 30-32") with total length of 41"
Cost me $68 to receive minus shipping- real bargain!!!
$60 shipped

Bodyline Pirate-esque skirt
Never worn, never removed from packing
This is for the ORANGE version
 $50 shipped:
(savings!!! same price as what's on the website now!!!and this includes shipping!)

Multi colored wig
Awesome wig that would go with many AP coordinates. Bought but never worn and never taken out of it's bag.
Paid $45 for it- wishing to receive what I spent and even then taking a bit of a loss.
$45 shipped


Purple spank earrings
Never worn or tried on, so clean! I am however unsure of the metal.
$20 shipped

Penne with earrings

Milky chan replica socks
These are knee high socks
NEW never  worn
I have two pairs! (BOTH still available)
$15 shipped


Innocent World replica socks
These are knee high socks
NEW never  worn
I have 3 pairs of these (ALL still available)
$15 shipped

Floral socks
These are knee high socks
NEW never  worn
I have a black and pink pair available
$15 shipped

Kitty socks
These are OTK socks
NEW never  worn
$15 shipped

I still have AP jewelry, Meta JSK and yukata, AND swimmer goods




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