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!DS - BIG SALE - Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Meta, Swimmer!

I brought a lot of clothes back from Japan when I lived there, but I haven't worn a lot of them so it's time they went to a better home!

Paypal Only Please

Feedback:  here
Location: England

All prices include shipping to Europe (price in £)  -----  or mainland USA (price in $)
        For other locations please enquire.

Conversions made using, with relative shipping charges added.
        Measurements are taken flat/approximate. Smaller measurements reflect fabric size, not minimum wearable size.
        I made the pictures small as this is a large post, for further details/bigger pictures please enquire.
        Everything comes from a smoke/pet free home.

If there is no other interest in an item I will consider reasonable offers.  I may consider brand trades.

Angelic Pretty School/Sailor Cutsew SOLD
Never worn. Detachable Yoke and Neck Bow. Fits size XS/S, but the jersey fabric has some give. Colour is closest to top left image.
Chest: 32 - 36" max.
Waist: 28 - 34" max.

£30 / $50

BTSSB Bear Ear Blouse SOLD
Worn once.  Detatchable neck and waist ties.  
Chest: ~34"
Waist: ~30"
Fits UK 6-8 / US 4-6

£38 / $65

BTSSB Pink Jumperskirt
Detachable lace yoke, shirred shoulders.  Never worn by me, and by previous owner only a couple of times.
Waist: ~30"
Chest: ~36"

£60 / $100

BTSSB White Cutsew SOLD

Soft jersey fabric, worn, but still in good condition apart from a small stain on the back (see photos).  I haven't tried stain remover/dry cleaning so it may come out.
Waist: 34 - 38" max.
Chest: 30 - 36" max.
Fits UK 6-8 / US 4-6

£25 / $45

BTSSB Blouse/Cutsew SOLD
Soft jersey bodice with cotton sleeves and yoke.  Sleeves and Yoke are detachable.  Never Worn.
Waist: 32 - 38" max.
Chest: 30 - 38" max.

£30 / $50

Swimmer Cream Velour Deer Cardigan SOLD
Soft, stretchy velour.  I adore this cardigan, but I just can't find the time/outfit to wear it.  Worn a couple of times, still in excellent condition. 
Waist: 30 - 36" max.
Chest: 36 - 40" max.
Fits UK 6-8 / US 4-6, maybe a little bigger.

£40 / $65

BETTYS BLUE/Kuma no Eimy Chan Jacket ---- "Eimy's Macaroon" SOLD

Macaron details. Worn twice, as new condition.
Waist: 32 - 38" max.
Chest: 32 - 36" max.
Fits UK 6-8 / US 4-6

£30 / $50

BETTYS BLUE/Kuma no Eimy Chan Cutsew

Mint with yellow bows on sleeves.  Worn but in good condition, apart from a very slight stain on the front and back (see photos).  The front stain is only visible upon very close inspection.  Once again, I have not tried stain remover/dry cleaning, so they may come out.
Waist: 32 - 36" max.
Chest: 32 - 36" max.
Fits UK 6-8 / US 4-6 

£10 / $18

Japanese Offbrand Popsicle Cutsew
Worn a few times but still in excellent condition.
Waist:  34 - 38" max.
Chest: 34 - 38" max.
Fits UK 6-10 / US 4-8, maybe the next size up - has give and is not tight fitting.

£17 / $30

Offbrand Ruffle Blouse

Worn once.  Thin cotton = good for summer.
Waist:  ~28"
Chest:  ~32"
Fits UK 6-8 / US 4-6

£10 / $18


Worn Once. Soft and poofy.  
Waist:  26 - 30" max.
Length:  ~17"

£20 / $35  

H&M Skirt (Classic Lolita?) SOLD
I bought this with plans of putting together a classic lolita look inspired by Innocent World/Victorian Maiden, but never got around to it.  Lovely thick full fabric, the hem is lined with tulle for extra poof/drape.
Waist: ~26"
Length: ~27"
(see tag for sizing)

£33 / $55

Handmade Skirt
I made this a while ago but only ever wore it once.  The cotton is quite light, so it could also work as an underskirt.  The waist band has a lot of stretch.
Waist: 26 - 38" max.
Length:  16.5"

£15 / $28

H&M Long Bloomers SOLD

Soft cotton long bloomers, never worn.
Waist: 26 - 28" max.
Length:  28"
Tag says "XS"

£10 / $18

BTSSB Long Halloween Socks SOLD

Worn twice, slight bobbling at ankle but otherwise as new. 

£12 / $20

Metamorphose Musical Note Socks PENDING SALE

Worn a few times but still in good condition apart from bobbling at soles. From the Musical Note Special Set.


Swimmer Castle Socks SOLD
Worn a few times but still in good condition apart from bobbling at soles. 

£8 / $14 SOLD

Solid metal crown with fluffy trim, approx 6cm wide.  Comes with thick velvet black ribbon for tying in place.
Never worn.

£35 / $60

Handmade Sweet Charms

£3 / $6 each, shipped.  First and Third and Fifth Charms have been sold.

Sparkle Mermaid 3D Nails, Pink Pearl/Jewel 3D Nails SOLD

£5 / $9 per set, shipped.  Only pearl set available. SOLD

Handmade Marine 3D Nails

I made these to go with the Meta Marine sets, but never got around to wearing them.  

£5 / $9

        Any enquiries, just ask.  Thanks for looking!        

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