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DS! Bodyline and Fan plus Friend, Closeting cleaning sale!


-prices include shipping.
-I don't ship international at the moment
-I only use Paypal.
-I don't smoke but i do have pets, I clean all items before I ship them and i store my item away from where my pets can reach.
-I do accept holds for as long as 12 days.
Here's my etsy feedback:


This is my proof that i own all of the items below (bunny chick toy.)


Bodyline Skirt 1  
$30 SOLD

Worn twice once to try on and another time to take a proof photo.
Size: 26-29in waist.
It has some small elastic at the top of the corset lacing which makes the skirt's size more flexible.

Bodyline Skirt 2

Really cute skirt, i hate to let it go but it's not quite my style. 
SIZE: 25in-29in waist. 
NOTE: i have lost the waist ties and bow, which is why it is so cheap but i have only worn it once for a few moments.

Fan plus Friend JSK

I paid 120 for this dress and i kept it in great condition, it has been worn three times but only for a few hours. The bow and jabot is detachable (as seen above.) 
Length: 34
The dress has full shirring so it can go a bit larger and the ties can make it go smaller. It has thin metal boning which gives it great shape. 

NOTE: the front panel is made of very seen through chiffon fabric. 

Let me know if you guys have any more questions!

Tags: !ds, bodyline, fanplusfriend

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