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DS: An*tai*na + new sale: wonder cookie replica & WTB: classic, gothic & punk pieces for fall

My feedback page is here:

I have 100% positive feedback as both a buyer and seller.

I'm selling An*tai*na shoes (one pair is black, one pair is white-$70 each) and an H.Naoto frill jacket ($200)

Photobucket Photobucket
The sale is kind of urgent, but I've no takers. =/

Please look here for details:

AP Wonder cookie skirt replica-violet $45 shipped SOLD
*condition: brand new w/o tags
Shirred in the back, fully lined inside and the waist ties are also lined.
This skirt is wonderful, it's the best replica I've ever had-but I'm trying to stay away from sweet AND I need the money. The fabric is really great also! It's not as thick as AP, but it's not thin either. The lining in the skirt makes it have a slight poof already! Has a side zipper and snap piece.
Waist: 58-80cm

 Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

Dream of lolita shirt -white and pink $33 shipped anywhere
Maximum bust: 34"
Maximum waist: 30"
*I'd recommend this shirt for someone with slim arms-unless you plan to alter it- because the sleeve area can be tight. Brand new w/o tags, only tried on. The shirt has a side zipper that is unseen on the outside.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
The true color is very close to the first image pictured above.


*Sizing info:
My measurements:
bust: 79 cm
waist: 63.5 cm
shoulder width: 37 cm
shoulder to wrist: 55 cm
hips: 84 cm
shoulder to waist: 39.4 cm

I know, I'm kind of petite, and therefore, I want items that will fit (i.e. in brand: Millefleurs, Moi Meme Moitie, Mary Magdalene & Juliette et Justine). In offbrand I really like Rose melody, R series, Kids yoyo and Surface spell gothic; I'm open to alternatives! :D

*Items I'm looking for:
Decorative Socks, wide/bell-sleeve like blouses, classic white blouse (with some flair to it, not just plain), skirts (no longer wanting blouses)  hair accessories, bloomers, bustle skirts, parasol.


Examples of things I like:
Basically, I want items that ARE NOT sweet. I like classic lolita, but even more so I like gothic and punk as well. I really love Victorian pieces. I'm trying to stay at/under $100 USD shipped per item, but I may reconsider. I just don't have $400 to get a brand spankin new dress straight from online.

I love these color coordinations: black x blue, black x white, black x purple, black x gold, etc etc. Yeah, a lot of blackness...doesn't have to be one of those combinations.^^ I don't want anything too short. I like my dresses/skirts to fall at the knee or below it. For punk pieces, there's exceptions because I usually wear those over leggings. I'm trying to expand beyond my darkness xD, help me? Offbrand or brand-doesn't matter!

Not interested in: Angelic pretty, Btssb, recent IW

*BTW it doesn't have to be one of these items, these are just examples to base off of. I'm also in desperate need of Casual lolita!

Specific products I'm considering:
Surface spell:
Cathedral gothic JSK
Vampire princess JSK

R Series:
Angel of music JSK

I prefer back corseting to shirring

Thanks for looking! <3
Tags: !ds, !wtb, h.naoto, offbrand

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