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!ds Emily temple cute skirt ,btssb bag, anna sui bag, shoe clips etc.. Prices lowered!


Please read these carefully

* Everything will be shipped from the Netherlands.
* I don't ship to Italy, I am very sorry but I just found it to troublesome.
* Feedback can be found here: click
* All prices include paypall fees however if you are from Europe I prever you use banktransfer
* Prices don't include shipping.
* Once an item is shipped I am no longer responisble, please ask for insured shipping.
* If more people are interested in an item it will go to te highest bid.

I have been cleaning my closet once again and with a baby on it's way and a two bedroom appartment I simply want to sell everything I don't wear anymore. Feel free to make offers :)

Emily Temple Cinderella skirt

50 euro or make me an offer       45 euro!!!.

I bought this on the sale com thinking it would be a nice project to alter but I never got to it so of it goes again. I never wore it. The previous owner got it from closet child. Please take good care cos there are some small stains on this skirt. However you have to look very closely to actually see them.

Amateur measurements:
Waist: 65 cm

Detailed picture of the small stains: click

Baby the stars shine bright bag:
30 euro  25 euro!!.
I was planning on hunting down the matching skirt but I changed my mind :) Used two times at most.

Anna sui replica bag:

I bought this on my trip to Hong Kong and used it twice. It's really pretty and it actually holds pretty much.

25 euro or make me an offer :)  12,50 euro!!!

Shoe clips:

First row:
Black off brand shoe bows: 7,50 euro  5 euro
One white btssb shoe bow, I lost one so I thought I might as well try to make someone happy who maybe lost one too? I was thinking about 3 euro for this one? Please let me know if that's to much or to weird :)
Second row:
White btssb flower shoe bows, I bought these brand new and used them once, they are pretty awesome! 15 euro
Black rhine stone bows, never used: 7,50 euro  5 euro

Btssb glittery socks
I don't know the name of this print if someone knows please help me.
Worn a few times but they still look like new.
15 euro.    12 euro!!

Innocent World replica shoes

35 euro  30 euro!!!

I bought these to small ( yeah I keep doing that for some reason ) Brand new

European size 40/41  25~26 cm

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