xxxnyuupyuuxxx (xxxnyuupyuuxxx) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT! Dreamy dollhouse OP in lavender!

Hi girls!
So recently i bought this gorgeous Dreamy dollhouse OP in Lavender.
But for some reson i cant squeeze my boobs in it xD.
And dresses with sleeves look odd on me.

So i wanna trade my DDH OP in lavender for the following items;

Dreamy dollhouse jsk in Lavender,mint or black
Melty Chocolate Jsk
Jewelry Jelly jsk in black or other color
Miracle candy jsk in Black or Pink
Fantastic Dolly jsk in lavender or pink
Sugary Carnival jsk in Black
Angelic Pretty skirts ( i like frill skirts)

Thats the list i can come up with now.
You can offer me other AP prints too.
Or other AP items

Here are some pics of the OP (pics are from the previous owner)
Bust; 89cm
Waist: 69~79
Length; 85cm
Condition; As new. The tags are still on it. The previous owner didnt wear it and i only tried it on.

I may wanna sell this dress if i dont get any traded.

For the people who have bough items from me.
Your items has been shipped today!

Tags: !dt, angelic pretty

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