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DS: KidsYoYo, Anna House, Bodyline, Lace Story

Yes, I'm clearing my wardrobe again! Prices are the lowest possible! =P

Feedback - eedback/475846.html

Terms & Conditions
- All prices are in USD, and are negotiable.
- All items does not include shipping and paypal fee.
- I'll only ship from Singapore with tracking.
- Whoever is able to make payment first will get the selected dress.

- Click on the pictures to have a larger view.
- I have cats as pets but I try my best to prevent them from touching my dresses.
- All mesasurements are taken flat (I'm no expert in mesauring things).

Bodyline Poodle JSK (IW replica)  (Sold to muffin_loli)

Color: Pastel Blue X White
Measurements: Bust 76~90CM, Waist 67~80CM, Length 92CM
Remarks: No linning, perfect for summer wear. Worn once and in good condition except that the threads for the beads on the ribbons have came loose (refer pics above), this can be easily fix with some stitching. The measurements is bigger than what is originally listed because I have cut some of the shirring at the back (refer to pic).
Price: $23

Anna House Flower OP (Sold to suicidecupcakes)

Measurements: Bust 89CM, Waist 78CM, Arm 21.5CM (max), Length 90CM
Remarks: Beautiful flower JSK that is not sold at anna house anymore. No linning so perfect for summer pinic. ^_^. Worn 2 times and generally in good condition.
Price: $35

KidsYoYo JSK (AP replica)

Measurements: Bust 81~110CM, Waist 72~95CM, Length 90CM
Remarks: Worn once. Fully linned, heavy material, better suited for autum. Comes with a free headband.
Price: $70

Bodyline Skirt 1 (flower, replica) (Sold)

Colour: Pink
Measurements: Waist 68~80CM, Length 57CM
Remarks: Fully linned with bulit in petti coat, part of the waist at the back is shirred (refer to 3rd pic above). Worn a few times. Petti is generally flat. One friend once told me it's actually a replica of a certain brand, but I forget which one. XD
Price: $20

Bodyline Skirt 2 (Red stripe) (Sold to nekopancake)

Colour: Red
Measurements: (Skirt) Waist 66~94CM, Length 57CM. (Corset) Waist 65~85CM, Length 22.5CM
Remarks: Worn once. In great condition, comes in 2 piece which can be worn together or only the skirt.
Price: $25

Bodyline Skirt 3 (meta replica) (Sold to muffin_loli)

Colour: Pink
Measurements: Waist 63~78CM, Length 61.5CM
Remarks: Worn twice. Fully linned and shirred at the back, also with bulit in one layered-petti (but generally flat). Also comes with a detachable bow like the bodyline flower skirt but forget to include in the photograph.
Price: $25

Lace Story Violin Bag (IW) replica (Sold to shizukax49)

Colour: White
Remarks: Brand new
Price: $23

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Please leave a comment or PM me if you are interested =)
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