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Brand and off brand JSK, skirts, blouses, boleroes, hair pin & bag

Sales Notes:
- Shipped from California, USA
- US buyers preferred but willing to ship internationally
- I cannot be responsible for lost/stolen packages
- I try my best with the measurements but they may be slightly off.
- Prices in US $
- Paypal only please.
- From a smoke/pet free home
- Feedback @:
- Measurements are taken flat and doubled.
- I reserve the right at all times to refuse a sale
- If you have questions please ask~

- Prices are not final. Offers will be considered!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Scallop Princess

Stock Photo + My photos

Size (as given by Baby)

BTSSB Scallop Princess in kinari/cream and white. Bought directly from BTSSB to try it on. I took the tag off when I tried it on but I will send it with the dress. It's very beautiful but I've come to terms that it does not suit me very well... It still has all the ribbon ties and detachable bow. Roses on the bow are also detachable
---- Asking price $210 Shipped in US

Green Floral Metamorphose JSK  - SOLD
Length: 34 inches
Bust:~34 inches +~8 inches of shirring stretched
Waist:~30 inches +4 inches of shirring stretched

Shirred and corseted back with some shirring in the front. The extra frill and lace on the shoulder straps are both removable. I have replaced some of the missing buttons on the inside of the removable shoulder strap lace. The buttons were missing when I got this dress but they cannot be seen at all when worn. Very lovely with lots of pretty details, really beautiful lace and very generous shirring!

Navy Mary Magdalene OP - SOLD
Length: 30.5 inches
Bust: 34 inches
Waist:28 inches.

Bought from egl but never worn myself. Boater collar with back corseting. There is glue or something off of the lace on the bottom as shown in the picture but still very lovely. This OP has pockets!
Chocolate Chiffon Innocent World OP with hair piece SOLD
Length: 32
Bust: 26 +4 inches of shirring stretched
Waist:26 +4 inches of shirring stretched

Bought from egl. Seller claimed it was new but I think she wore it once before sending it. I have only tried it on myself.

Dear Celine Sugar School Dress

Size  XL
Length: 37
Bust: 37.5 inches
Waist:31 inches

Worn only twice.
---- Asking price $85 Shipped in US

Dear Celine Silky Chiffon bolero    SOLD
Size L
Length: 23 inches
Bust:36 inches

Meant to wear it with the Dear Celine OP but never did. Its really nice and light.

Off White Bodyline Bolero 

Size  F (Free size)
Length: 14.5 inches
Bust: 33 inches
Sleeve circumference: 13 inches

Worn only once. There were removable ties at the front but have since been lost. There is faint black smudge by the elbow of the shirt sleeve as pictured


White Anna House Blouse
w/ detachable sleeves.

Size L (from Anna House's website)
Bust: 36~38 inches
Waist: 36~38 inches
Taken out of its packaging only to briefly try on. Still in a pristine condition. The sleeves are detachable on this one.
---- Asking price $45 Shipped in US

White Anna House Blouse  - SOLD
Size  M
Bust: 34~36 inches
Waist:28~30 inches

Bought from egl but too small.

Black x White Anna House Skirt     SOLD
Size S (from Anna House's website)
Length: 19 inches
Waist:25-35 inches (recommended for closer to the smaller waist measurement)

Bought from egl. I like but I think it is a tad too short for my black petti.

Pink Girly Note Bodyline Skirt- SOLD
Length: 22.5 inches
Waist:25~35.5 inches

Worn twice. The bow with pearls is removable. Half of the waistband is shirred. 

Red Girly Note Bodyline Skirt- SOLD
Length: 22.5 inches
Waist:25~35.5 inches

Worn just once. The bow with pearls is removable. Half of the waistband is shirred. 

Navy Princess Bodyline Skirt SOLD
Length: 22.5 inches
Waist:25~35.5 inches
The bow with pearls and waist ties are removable. Half of the waistband is shirred. 

High-waisted Bodyline Skirt   SOLD
Length: 24.5 inches
Waist:25~31.5 inches

The zipper on this shirt is broken. I have worn this with the zipper sewn shut and put it on over my head. You'll need to put it on over your head or have the zipper replaced.

Black Bodyline Blouse w/ removable sleeves

Size  F (Free size)
Length: 20 inches
Bust: 35.5
Waist:28.8 inches
Sleeve Circumference: 14.5 inches

Bought from bodyline but never worn. Has removable sleeves.
---- Asking price $25 Shipped in US

Bodyline Innocent World Replica Bag --     SOLD

Size 9 x 8.5 x 4 inches

Some small white marks of the front and back of the bag as shown.

Alice and the Pirates Hairpin      SOLD
Hair accessory with comb to attach.

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