La Lapine Noir (lapinenoir) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
La Lapine Noir

DT: Milky Planet Yellow OP

So after trying to fall in love with Milky Planet, I'm starting to think I look much better in simpler prints, haha. Here is proof of my OP: If you'd like more pictures, I can take them get my camera back. Hopefully later this week, haha. Please note, there is a tiny cut on one of the waist ties from when I was cutting the package open. :( It's nothing severe, but I thought you should know. It can probably be glued back with fabric glue, if you'd like me to try.
And my feedback:

I'd like to trade for any of these things:

Wonder Party halter neck JSK in black or sax. Right now I'm leaning towards black, but either of those colors is good.

Melty Chocolate OP or JSK in mint. I'll also consider the pink x pink JSK or OP plus money.
Melty Chocolate OP

Magical Etoile JSK or OP in blue or red, preferably with headbow. I will consider the other colors + money, too.
Magical Etoile OP Magical Etoile Normal Waist JSK

Fantasic Dolly JSK in either style, in red or lavender. I prefer red. If you have the socks and headbow, I'd love to get those too.
Fantasic Dolly High Waist JSK

I will consider selling Milky Planet for $480 US and $510 International, priority insured shipping included. I will accept higher offers as well, if someone else would like to buy it. I would prefer to trade, though. If you have any of these items and would like to trade, leave a comment with your feedback and a proof image of the item you want to trade. I'll also consider partial trading for anything else, or a combination of things, on my wishlist:

If it's not on my wishlist, I probably don't want it. :S So please, wishlist items only. And as a sidenote, if you don't want to trade but you accept payment plans (I can do non-refundable deposits), I would like to buy the things on my wishlist too! Thank you for looking!
Tags: !dt, angelic pretty

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