xxdreamy_dollxx (xxdreamy_dollxx) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB! help me find my AP dream prints! And AP coat!

Hi girls,
So recently i made a list with my favorite AP dresses and prints.
And im looking for them.
Heres feedback;

The list of items i'm looking for;

Sweets Desert OP in black
Jewelry Jelly in pink,Lavender or Sax
Cut Parka OP in any color
POP check op in blackxpink or pinkxpurple
Milky berry in any color
Miracle Candy in pink,sax or black
Sugary Carnival  in Black (Lavender and Sax)
Memorial Cake  in White,Pink or Sax
Star Night theatre in Blue (pink)
School March Jsk in any color
Pop Check jsk in blackxpink
Colorful Sherbet jsk
Fantastic Dolly jsk in Lavender or Pink
Color scheme pearl jsk in black,pink or white
Memorial cake jsk in White(pink,sax)
Dot pleated sailor in pink or sax
Dream doll in any color
Melty Chocolate in any color but pinkxwhite
Nakayoshi Bunny jsk in any color
Dreamy Dollhouse jsk in Mint

Big list huh?
Im also interested in skirt of these prints and other items MAYBE.

Im also looking for a very cute Angelic pretty coat like this;

I also like orther prints but i prefer sweet colors like pink or white!

Help me?

ps; i do prefer some prints over others,
so please dont be mad if i prefer one print over another
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty

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