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DS: ROSE MELODY, SURFACE SPELL AND EMBROIDERED UNICORNS (+ cute boots for large feet and thighs!)

  • Please pay by Paypal. You could use the ‘personal payment’ option if you want to avoid the surcharge. Singaporean buyers can pay by DBS bank transfer!
  • Priority goes to the first person to leave their Paypal address (or to local buyers). Please pay within two days of receiving the invoice.
  • I live in Singapore. All prices include whipping worldwide.
  • Unless otherwise stated, everything is in perfect condition. I am the original owner.
  • I have positive feedback but for some reason the mods haven’t added it to my tally yet. The page is here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/403720.html (I’ve only just started peer-to-peer buying/selling so if you happen to transact with me, please help by leaving some feedback!)




Item #1: Rose Melody girly note JSK in cream and red  *stained* sold!



Made of nice thick cotton, with velour detail. The red is a rich, dark red that I wasn’t able to capture accurately on camera – halfway between the red of the original pictures and the red of the proof pictures. After foolishly handwashing this jsk without colourfasting it first, however, I found that the velour had bled onto a portion of the dress. The stains are not noticeable unless you’re looking for them, but I’ve pointed them out here:



The ribbons and pearl chain are detachable. In fact, all the bows – even the little ones on the straps – are detachable!



Bust: 88 – 104cm

Waist: 78 – 88cm

Length: 90cm


(There are back adjustments, so the measurements can actually go smaller.)






Item #2: girly note headbow sold!






Bought from HMHM to match the above JSK. It’s actually exactly the same colour and fabric as the JSK.


20 USD (10 if you buy it together with the JSK!)




Item #3: Surfacespell lace-trimmed camisole top


Made of nubbed cotton, perfect for summer. Handwashed once, worn only to try on. Has back adjustments in quality double-satin ribbon.


P1010094small.jpg picture by terebinth 

P1010097.jpg picture by terebinth

P1010095small.jpg picture by terebinth 

P1010096small.jpg picture by terebinth


Bust:  94cm

Waist: 78cm

Length: 52cm


(The measurements can go smaller due to the back adjustments.)



50 USD





Item #4: stretchy offbrand cutsew


Of a soft, stretchy, breatheable lycra. Very low-cut. Perfect for complementing high-waist skirts and corsets, never worn out.


P1010101.jpg picture by terebinth    P1010103small.jpg picture by terebinth



Bust: 86 – 106cm

Waist: minimum 73cm

Length: 50cm (not including lace)


25 USD




Item #5: Cream velour hooded sweater with unicorn embroidery


Lightweight, soft and beautifully warm. I love this piece very much, but I live in a tropical country and I’d never worn it out. Please give it a good home. (note: very delicate. Dry-clean only.)


P1010090small.jpg picture by terebinth

 P1010093small.jpg picture by terebinth

P1010091small.jpg picture by terebinth  P1010092small.jpg picture by terebinth



Bust - 93 cm (can stretch to 104cm)

Waist – ditto bust measurement


60 USD





Item #6 SOLD!



Cute US size 11 boots for those with large calves reduced to 70USD including shipping worldwide!

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