Maki Ichigo (animefreak102) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Maki Ichigo

Angelic Pretty for DS/DT!!!

Hello! I would like to either sell all this or trade any of it for pink AP skirts or jsks. I prefer prints but I'd like to see everything. And forgive the pregnancy brain but I can't find my measuring tape so measurements are from what I remember... Sorry sorry sorry!

-Prices are negotiable and include shipping within U.S.
-Trades only if you have feedback please.
-I only accept paypal.
-First person to leave their paypal address gets priority.
-I'm willing to hold items and work out payment plans.
-If you have allergies I have a dog but he is kept out of the house and no where near my room.
-If you have any questions/want more pics don't hesitate to ask. =D
-Feedback in my journal here and in eglfbhere

AP Birdcage sax skirt $80 OBO
Good condition. I've worn this a lot. It has some discoloration that isn't very noticeable on the front and two small spots on the bustle. Comes with detachable waist ties and bow. Waist:23-26in

Front discoloration
Bustle spot 1
Bustle spot 2

AP Yellow strawberry Jsk $130 OBO
In perfect condition. I've worn it about 3 times I think. No satins/defects. Comes with detachable waist ties and bow and has a panel of shirring in the back. Bust:32-36in Waist:23-27in


AP Black Bear Pocket Jsk $150 OBO
Perfect Condition. Worn 2-3 times. No stains/defects. Has detachable waist ties. Bust:32-34in. Waist:23-24in

AP black Country Sweets $250 OBO
Trade only for Country Sweets in pink or Milky Planet in blue or pink. Waist:23-26in

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty

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