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DS: BTSSB and Angelic Pretty print JSKs

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Shipping is $10 for priority within the U.S. and about $40 for EMS anywhere else worldwide.

I only accept paypal

If you don't like the price feel free to make an offer.

Alice And Seven Keys JSK
I bought this jsk from Y! Japan auctions. It includes removable bow and waist ties. When I bought it, the pin had fallen off of the waist bow so I replaced it. It has some snags in the fabric; little one's throughout the dress and two spots where it is worse (which are pictured below). Because of the fabric texture it really doesn't look that bad and isn't all that noticeable. I have hand washed the dress a few times so the color of the fabric in the dress is slightly less sharp than the removable bow and waist ties. It has seen better days, but its a good closet filler.



Fixed Bow clip

Bodice Damage

Skirt Damage

Bust - 34 in. (86 cm) (It is gathered at the bust so there is more room than this. I measured it without pulling at the gathered part)
Waist - 30 in. (76 cm.)
Length from top of shoulder strap to bottom of the dress - 36 in. ( 91 cm)

Price: $100 $80

Alice In Wonder Sweets Land JSK
I bought this from a fellow member of egl and sadly don't wear it enough to justify keeping it. It includes the removable waist ties. It has some snagged fabric damage at the bottom near the ruffle.



Top detail


Bust - 34 in. (86 cm) - Because of the gathering it can go up to about 36 in. (92 cm) comfortably
Waist - 32 in. (76cm)
Total length - 34 in. (87 cm)

Price - $180

Glitter Trump JSK
This I bought from an egl member too. It includes removable waist ties and the little ribbon in the front is removable with buttons. Its kind of old so I reinforced the seams around the zipper. It had a little tea stain on the front, but I used some stuff especially for getting tea stains out and as far as I can tell it worked. I can't find the stain now.



Top detail

Print detail

Zipper repair and damage

Bust - 34 in.(87 cm)
Waist - 28 in (71 cm)
Total length - 35 in. (89 cm) to 36 in. (91 cm) - adjustable straps

Price - $140

Thanks for looking!

Note about Cheaper International shipping:
On USPS.com it looks like they have international priority mail to Canada and Mexico for $11.45 and anywhere else for $13.45. You can get $100 worth of insurance for $3.40 and $200 for $4.40. I can't be responsible for any missing mail but I will gladly scan the receipt and PM it to you once I ship it out. Here is the web address where I found the shipping info if you want to double check anything:
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