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DS: Black Peace Now, VW, h.Naoto, etc

1. All prices include shipping within US & Canada (expedited). Other countries please ask.
2. Lower offers are fine, just make them reasonable.
3. Paypal only, echecks are fine (have to clear before shipping).
4. Items will be shipped out after Paypal deposits, which is typically 2-3 days. Items cannot be shipped on weekends or holidays.
5. All items sold as is, no refunds (unless it is a big error on my part).
6. First come, first serve.

My Feedback

1. Black Peace Now Shoes - Size M - SOLD
Condition: Very Good
Worn very little so the soles are in great shape. There are some scuffs along the inside of the shoes, I haven't been able to get it all off but some more work may help (they are not as pronounced as in the pics).

These shoes are a bit wide, especially in the toebox, so you don't want to get these if you are on the smaller side of M (or a smaller size). These are quite rare now.

2. Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Shoes - Size 6 (US) - $130
Now on Ebay:
I will take them off Ebay if you want them and no bids are received.

3. h.Naoto fedora - SOLD
Condition: Good - Very Good
Very nice fedora that has pearls and chains draping off the top. Unfortunately this was a little squished so it will need some tlc. This is heavily discounted because of this (I think it was originally $140 or so?).

4. Algonquins Skirt - SOLD
Condition: Very Good
Has a chain and pleather scissors which are removeable. The suspenders are also removeable.

5. Innocent World Skirt - SOLD
Condition: Very Good
Measurements: Will fit 26" waist and smaller.
In perfect condition except for a missing button at the waist (broken). Will not be a difficult fix at all, I was just unable to find a suitable button (the original was covered in velvet).

6. Sexy Dynamite Queen Set - SOLD
Condition: Very Good

7. Alice Auaa Skirt - $80

Condition: Very Good
Skirt fits a 26" waist and 34" hip comfortably, will not fit larger.
The bottom is made of a heavy lace with a greenish sheen. The tulle can be made to sit down lower, the picture was just after it being shipped.

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