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DS: Accessories!! Rings & Cuff Earrings

It's also linked to my GSJ and eBay fb. My personal feedback page was not linked for some reason, so I hope it`s okay if I link it HERE since that's where the majority of it is ^^'

Things to know
♪ Paypal only at the moment! Please let me know if you are paying by e-check
♪ I ship worldwide, but please keep in mind that shipping can get a bit pricey!
♪ All prices are in USD, but you can also pay in Canadian dollars, just ask
♪ No trades! All sales are final. 
♪ I am not responsible for custom fees
♪ Feel free to make a reasonable offer

Shipping costs ;__; Flat rate, will not go up if you buy multiple items.
Rings and/or earrings: [w/ insurance]
Canada : has to be calculated, zip code please! Will be expensive... -looks at canada post-
USA : $6.50
Everywhere else:  has to be calculated, but will be at least $8 >_<''

Earrings: [with out insurance]
Canada: $2.50
USA: $3
Everywhere else: $5.50

-It's not possible to ship the rings without insurance because there are bit to big-
(Isn't shipping expensive?  It includes the shipping cost+tax, packing supplies and about half of the pp fee.  I bet I won't sell anything since it is T^T)

Was bored so I decided to make a few super simple rings since I had a few extra cabochons, and they were just so glittery ♥_♥ 

Cute flower rings ♥ $4.50 each
From left to right ♥ [Glittery Pink] [Glittery Baby Pink] [White] [Sparkly Pink]

The white flower is made of a hard polymer clay while the other 3 are resin cabochons. They've all been mounted onto a adjustable wide ring base with a strong 2 part epoxy glue.

additional pics:

♫ All monitors are calibrated a little differently, so the actual color may not be the same >_<;; But they look the same on mine..  ♫

"Made with Love ♥" Silver double Chain Cuff Earring  w/ a matching stud - $11

Rock-Star Cuff Chain Earring - $8
Silver Starz Cuff Chain Earring $8
Black Double Chain Cuff Earring - $8

♫ Earrings are all new and unworn and will be wiped with rubbing alcohol before being mailed ♫

Interested? Please use this simple order form  ♥ [not a confirmation]

Location: country, postal code if canada
Items: copy & paste the names of items and prices
Total before shipping: i will let you know the total w/ shipping and then ask for your paypal email ^^  
(Or if the shipping cost is already listed and your fine with it, go ahead and give me your pp address & the total)
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