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DS : RECUTIONS on MMM OP, AATP JSK, Chantilly headbow, offbrand items, socks

Hello lolis

I smoke and I have a cat, but my clothes are preserved so i assume it doesn't smell or contains cat hair
PAYMENT : Paypal or bank transfer (fees at your charge!)
SHIPPING INCLUDED (except for the socks)
HOLDS : only with a 10% non-refundable deposit

CONDITION OF ITEMS : EVERY ARTICLE IS AS NEW I TOOK A VERY GOOD CARE OF THEM EXCEPT IF STATED, THOUGH straps of AATP JSK have been lengthen by a professional tailor to fit my height (it's very easy to turn them back to normal)


It's in perfect condition except for the corset which has been altered by me to suit me and it begins to "break" but it could easily be turned back to normal, and the actual pieces of the corset are not wrecked in anyway it's just the ewing that is rubbish (poor sewing skills DAMN ! xD)
Bust can fit up to 110cm and a little more
Waist is free !

200€ Shipped

Photo worn :

Corset detail :


3L Size

Flat Bust ; 59cm


Chantilly headbow

Perfect match for the romeo and Juliet skirt !
Gorgeous piece. never worn. asnew.

24€ shipped

OFFBRAND plastic Headbow

Bought in japan, worn twice, absolutly adorable, perfect for a summery coord.

8€ shipped

ANGELIC PRETTY vichy strass heart SOLD

AATP Woodsole shoes embroidery JSK

Bought NEW Worn once, This dress is i think my favourite, so good quality, beautiful embroidery and can be worn in a lot of different styles I <3 it, unfortunatly it's a little tight on me ... ^^°

Bust : ~100cm
Length : 89cm

120€ shipped

Proof of ownership

Socks (all worn once and washed afterwards) Shipping not included

AP Musical socks OTK

BABY Dots and Border OTK       16€
Bodyline Pirateskull OTK              3€
SS Green and Pink dots OTK       4€
Bodyline Blue and White OTK      5€
Bodyline AP replica Knee high    3€

thanks for watching
See you :)

Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, offbrand, secret shop

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