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WTB/WTC: I want for many things! (blouse, solid white/black skirts, collars, cutsews)

EGL Feedback

I've been pondering some things I'd like to buy/have made, and I finally decided to make a decisive list. :)

1. Off-white blouse - I would like a blouse to match a Meta skirt I bought in off-white. So, a Meta blouse in off-white would be good, but I've also heard that BABY's white blouses are often off-white.

I'm also willing to commission a seamstress, if one is up to the task. If preferred, I can go out and buy the material (to match the color correctly). If you're available, please let me know your rates. :)

My measurements are Bust 88cm, Waist 85cm.

2. Underskirts - I would like to buy one solid white and one solid black skirt to function as an underskirt for shorter skirts. I'd like them to be either tiered or with a ruffle-butt back. Here are picture examples from F+F:

Ruffle-butt version

Tiered version (What I want would not have the details on the hips and the heart cut-outs. Something simple.)

For this, brand doesn't matter since I only want solid white and black. I'd also be willing to commission this from a seamstress (maybe the same seamstress as the blouse, if I wind up going that route?). Once again, please let me know your rates when you reply. :)

3. Detachable collars - Simple enough -- I'd like decorative peter-pan collars that can be added to a simple cutsew to make it more loli and elegant. :) I'd like white, pink, and black.

Again (to make myself redundant), if a seamstress is willing to make some for me, please let me know your prices. :)

4. Cutsews - I would like to buy some cute cutsews just for casual lolita days (and to wear with the collars I also want to buy). Feel free to show me what you have, brand or offbrand, but I tend to prefer cutsews that don't reach all the way down to my hips. Cutsews that fall at the natural waist or waist would be best, so that they don't need to be tucked into the skirt. Again, my measurements are Bust 88cm, Waist 85cm.

Thanks for reading! Don't be shy. :)
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