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DS: Secret Shop Shoes & Socks, Replica Sk & OP, Heart Bag, bow clip

*All prices are in USD
*Accept PAYPAL,please add 4.5%paypal fee
*Its a repost  after 4 weeks.
*Feel free to ask question
*Feedback:   EGL_FEEDBACK           MY_LJF_EEDBACK

AP Replica - Wonder Cookies Skirt
Color: Light Pink / Light Blue / Blue
Size: Long 50cm, 58-80CM waist
$69USD shipped with tracking.

AP Replica - Dreamy Doll House  Print
Size: Waist 58 - 80cm,  Long 50cm
$69USD shipped with tracking.

Milky Chan Replica Skirt               Waist Part
Color: Pink / Black
Size: Waist 70-73cm,  Long50cm
$69USD shipped with tracking.
$56USD shipped with tracking
(This si a repost after 20% price reduction)

 Lolita Dream  Cat Print Skirt
Color: White / Black
Size: 55-90cm, long 50cm
$69USD shipped with tracking

MC Replica One Piece      Larger Size of Actual Pic   Details
Size: High Waist28"  , Bust35" , Long 34"
Color: Blue / Pink / Red / Black
$89USD + Shipping

(You will pay shipping only after I shipped it out)     Shipping:  1 OP cost about $13-14USD for shipping

Secret Shop 9807 (In stock)
Black M (23.5cm)
$69USD shipped with tracking  

Secret Shop 9828 (Ready to ship in 2 days)
Black - M       /     Blue - L        /           Pink - M  /   Red - S,M
$59USD + shipping
Shipping to most places cost about $20-24, You'll pay shipping after I shipped it out

Secret Shop Dolly Pearl 9823  (Ready to ship in 3days)
$75USD shipped with tracking
Blue - M
Blue - LL    PENDING

AP Style Jewel Decoration Shoes
L - White Blue Black
M - White Blue
$83USD shipped with tracking 

$17USD        Shipping: US$2, elsewhere$3

$17USD     Shipping: US$2, elsewhere$3  

01 02  03 04
06  07 08
09 10 11
13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28
29 30
31 32
#23,28 will back instock in 1 week.

1pair 17           +$1.5tracking
2pairs 30          free tracking
3pairs 45         
free tracking
4pairs 60          free tracking

1 pair - $3
2 pairs - $4
(Add $1 for every pair on )

  Proof of ownership
Bodyline Petticoat
The one I send you is brand new with tag with plastic bag that never open, not the one on med
Color: Black / White
Size: Waist50-80cm,    long40cm
$24USD  (Shipping: US$3, elsewhere$4)

Tralala Pink Heart Shape Bag
logo    zipper
$69USD shipped

Rose Bracelet
$19USD    $16USD
Shipping: US$3, Elsewhere$4

Bow Clip
Color: Black / Hot Pink / Pink / White
$11USD / 1    Shipped
Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand, secret shop

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