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DS: Jane Marple autumn coat, SS Angel Pony socks, skirts, etc.

All prices are in USD, and worldwide shipping and paypal fees are included. (Therefor, if you buy more than one item, there just might be a discount. Please inquire.)
In case you want a tracking number for your parcel, I'll have to get back to you on how much extra that would be.
For buyers outside Sweden, I accept paypal only. For Swedish buyers, I'd prefer a bank transfer if possible.
I won't do holds at this time. I need the closet space and the money too badly. However, if you're interested in something but can't pay right now, please let me know. I'll gladly contact you later if it's still available.
If you want any additional pictures/proof of ownership, please inquire and I'll do my best. My camera really isn't the best, though. x.x;
I will consider all trades/partial trades! Show me what you've got!

FEEDBACK: On eglfeedback. Further feedback in my journal, here.

Jane Marple velvet coat - $65
A coat for chilly weather, however this wouldn't hold you warm in winter. There's no stretch in the fabric, I'm selling it because the sleeves get a bit tight on me when I wear a sweater underneath.

Waist and bust are pretty much free.

BTSSB rider jacket - $90
This jacket has a ton of details - strass, bows, lace and heart shaped buttons on the collar. Still in very good condition, however it seems to be missing a few of the strass stones on the collar. Never worn by me.

Metamorphose white skirt - $40

Never worn by me, it seems to be in perfect condition.

Hand made skirt - $28
A very well made skirt in lovely brown fabric with a subtle flower pattern. The lace is cotton. I'm selling it because it's gotten a bit big on me. I'd recommend it for taller lolitas. As new condition.

SS Angel Pony socks, tattered white socks
The SS socks are new without tags. I'd like $18 for these. SOLD!
The tattered socks look like they have been worn and washed, but not by me. They're still in good condition. I'd like $5 for these.

ITS velvet cameo choker - $7

In brown velvet, this is tied in place with ribbons at the back. The cameo is removable and can be used as a brooch.


DT: SS tea party shoes in red.
These are size M (23.5), I'd like to trade them for a pair in L (24.5). They're new, never walked in. I really prefer the classic tea party design, so that would be a plus. I'm mostly looking for these colors: Red and Brown, possibly Mint, White or Lavender.

I will consider selling these if I don't find anyone to trade with. :3

Sorry for the blurry photo. ._.


Comment with any questions! Feel free to leave me offers, I'll consider all of them.

Take a look at my old sales post (some lowered prices~!) here.

I have a WTB post up here as well.

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