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DT/DS: Innocent World jumperskirt with music notes (black)


I bought  this wonderful jumperskirt from Innocent World like a year ago but unfortunately it doesn't fit me right :( Because of that I don't wear the dress so I figured that I'd like to trade it for an lolita item I do fit. If I can't find anyone to trade it with I will sell it.

My feedback:
EGL Database (0, 'cause I didn't sell anything since the new database)
Feedback on my own journal (+2)

Here's the dress:

The bows are removable!

It has lovely angels and roses on the print, and beautiful (looks like handwritten) music notes down the skirt ^^
Detail of the music notes
Detail of the angels and logo
Detail of the roses

The measurements:
Bust: max. 110 cm (shirring)
Waist: max. 125 cm (shirring)
Total length: 90 cm

I would like to trade or partial trade it for:
♪ Black jsk of any brand (I love prints!)
♪ Black x White jsk of any brand
♪ Red jsk of any brand
♪ High waist skirt (black)
♪ Black shoes like these
♪ White short sleeved blouse of any brand
♪ Classic lolita items in black

Show me what you've got :D
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