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!DS Handmade Charms, Headdresses, Hats, Headbows, etc!

my feedback page (none there yet, since i'm new here, but i have plenty of feedback on my ebay and etsy which i'll send to you if you'd like-- just drop me a note!

Payment: paypal only, please. it is safer for the both of us, and fees are covered by my side.

Shipping: i ship worldwide, and generally use priority mail. however, shipping can be chosen by the buyer. so long as it's feasible on my end. i have little boxes i ship in that cost roughly 5$ per box shipped. i prefer to use boxes with a lot of stuffing in order to protect your items-- no envelopes!

Materials: unless noted otherwise, ALL of my items are 100% cotton fabric. lace is always cotton or venise, and ribbons are usually grossgrain. the teddy hat has a satin ribbon, however. i do NOT use cheap materials on my items, and do not carry cheap materials.

ALL of these items are listed on my etsy as well, which has priority! you may purchase them there if you wish, but you are more than welcome to direct buy here. PLEASE send me a note directly if you're interested. I also do commissions.

Items Available:
(Click thumbnails for bigger pictures.)

Gothic Lolita Pearl Headbow: 16.00$ USD

Sweet Loli Cupcake Hat: 20.00$ USD

Sweet Loli Teddy Hat: 20.00$ USD

Gothic Lolita Rose Headdress: 18.00$ USD

Tags: !ds, handmade

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