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DS: AP Skirt (now 55$) , KKJJ wig, and Fantasy Sheep Wig (sold out on FS)

Shopping Directions + Thread Rules

♬ Items are being shipped from USA, 37221. ♬
♬ Shipping is calculated by weight and use of protective materials If you are an international buyer please let me know before you offer!
♬ I have plenty of positive feedback ♬

☆ Please remember that the listed price does not include your shipping or PayPal fees.☆

If there are more than one person interested in an item -- person who can offer most + pay will get it (This only applies BEFORE the sale is made -- I can't believe I have to stress this... ಠ_ಠ! ...)

*added* Due to there being moderated posts, most of the time they're not approved until after I'm asleep. That being the case, Item goes to the person who is communicating while I'm awake. I don't do first person who asks about the item gets it, because then I'll never be able to sell anything at all! If you want the item 100% and not backing out, please post your paypal address!!! I hope you guys understand. :(

Please Use this form:

LJ Username:

I don't know when the moderators will post this, so please use that form so I know if you're interested in buying!!

Unless I have a DT specifically up -- I am NOT looking to trade. At all.

☆ Please tell me where you are located before you post so I can calculate your shipping!!! Thankyou! (unless it is already listed!) ☆

♬ I Only accept Payments by Paypal ~ sorry no Echecks at this time!!! ♬

Angelic Pretty Dream Cherry Sax Skirt

New from AP: $170+ dollars
My Price: $90.00 usd 72.00 NOW. $55 + 9 dollars shipping USA // 18 international
Condition: NWOT


Purchased this skirt when I was first getting into Lolita. It’s standard AP sizing, which means that I can’t wear it! Haha – I never had the heart to get it altered, so its up for sale! This skirt is beautiful and needs a good home! The polka dots are so cute, and the lace is adorable! It’s got little cherries on them. There is partial shirring on the skirt, but I don’t think it’ll go more than 78-79cm! If you can wear AP skirts, then I’m sure you can wear this one!


NOTE*** For some reason it looks brown in the picture, but it is actually more like the FS picture above (a mix between the two -- the color is quite pretty).

Fantasy Sheep Natural Pink wig with two hairfalls -- SOLD OUT ON FS
Paid about 60$ to get this home to me
Asking: 43 + 7$ shipping USA. (in a box -- lots of contents) // 15$ shipping international
Condition: NEW, only looked at one fall out of the package

Because of the horrible wait time --- (it took over 7 months to get to me) I already purchased another wig. This one is BRAND new -- and is super cute. It is a Natural Pink color, more like what you see people do with their real hair so its great for lolita and out of lolita. Each part of the wig (3 pieces in all) comes with their own bag and hairnet.

KKJJ Pink Wig non heat resistant:

New from KKJJ: 50 USD

My Price: 35 USD 28.00 $22.40 + (6$ in a padded envelope – 8$ in a box) shipping USA)// 14 international

Condition: Used, but in good condition

PENDING TO miyuki_kitty

Purchased this for a convention recently. By the end of the con it was kind of tangled, so I went and got some Wig Conditioner and found a tutorial online to detangle and gently recurl the wig. It has some flyaways (like every wig) but you can see in the picture that it is relatively smooth to the touch! I’m sure someone who is more adept at styling wigs could get it 150% new. It is a very vibrant light pink and is very very soft. I believe that the fibers are kanekalon. In pictures it looks almost like a whiteish pink, but it is actually very vibrant. please check the photos for pictures and also check out KKJJ’s Post for another color reference!

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