Jude (mikomeow) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Winter coat, lots of BTSSB, Meta crown embroidery jsk.

My feedback on eglfeedback can be found here, and further feedback in my journal, here.

I will pay by paypal, and prefer airmail shipping. n_n

I'm looking for these items especially, but please feel free to offer anything similar! Just please note that I generally don't prefer pink colorways and might be picky about that.

I'm in need of a pretty coat in ivory or white. ♥
These are Rosetta coat, Ribbon Melody coat, Dietrich coat, and Little Princess coat by Baby, however I will look at any lolita coat in white/kinari, brand or off brand!

I've been looking for this for ages, especially the antique gold version.

This is a dream item of mine. I'd prefer it in black, but will consider brown.

Antique gold only! Seeking to complete my set. :3

I adore BTSSB's babydoll JSKs, and am especially looking for these three. They are the chiffon rose patterned rococo babydoll, tartan babydoll, and a basic wine babydoll, respectively.

Might be interested in Lovely Sweet Room, or one of the similar style prints, especially in brown.

Transparent Knitting Bolero, especially in mint.

Usakumya stuff♥! Only in white, please. I'd especially love the knitted gloves/scarf with the usakumya logo, but I can't find any stock pictures of them.

Looking for these in white/brown, black/white or wite/blue. I'll also gladly look at other IW socks! ^^

I really just need an antique white parasol of some kind, but this one would be my first choice.

I haven't been able to find any other stock photos of this series at all. D: I'm looking for any version of this JSK, especially in teal, but also black and white.

Thanks for taking the time! ♥
Tags: !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, metamorphose

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