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!DS Great Quality Handmade Headbows and 1 Discounted Shiro Headdress

Here is my feedback (I really don't have any feedback, except for one non Loli transaction on eBay. I have never bought or sold anything Loli online. ^.^)

I use Paypal ONLY. No other forms of payment are accepted, sorry. The Paypal fee is already factored into the price of the items.
- I ship in the U.S.A., only, from northern Florida, using USPS priority mail in a flat rate box with delivery confirmation. That would cost $5.65 (plus $1.00 for packing materials), according to the USPS website for one item.  If you would like insurance or other extra services with your item, please let me know and I will be happy to add them to the total of your shipping.
- Prices are set and not negotiable now. 
- I can hold an item you are interested in for only 1 day, please.  If I get no response from you in those 24 hours of holding, then the item will go back up for sale or to another buyer waiting to purchase it. :)
- Please note, that I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages.  If you are concerned with such an event that may happen, again, you can request insurance or extra services which will be added to the shipping cost.
- No refunds or exchanges, please.
- Once the item has been paid for, depending on the time of day for me, the item will be sent off that same day.  If it's too late, then the next day.

- These items come from a SMOKE FREE home but there ARE PETS (specifically cats).  The items will be removed of cat hair to the best of my abilities. =^.^=

WARNING Some photos are pretty darn big when you click on them.  I left them in their original size so you can see details of the bows and stitching better. :D

Candy Inspired Head Bow

Additional views:
1 2 3 4 5 6

Description: Handmade head bow by me, much inspired by Angelic Pretty's Miracle Candy line. All mateiral is 100% cotton and complete with interfacing.  This bow and it's pieces are adjustable and removable.  The handband is fully lined and finished, as well.
**Notes of Interest: If you have a look at picture 1 in additional views, you will notice some boo boos that happened while sewing. So to alleviate that little mistake, I've included two fake candy pins I made, as seen in pictures I have provided above, at no extra charge. ^.^ When attaching the pins to the bow, it's best to attach them through both the small and large piece at the same time, otherwise there is an unattractive flopping effect that happens. XD
Price: $21

Trimmed Black and White Gingham Head Bow

Additional Views:
Description: This is a sweet gingham handmade head bow by me. It's adjustable and removable just like the rest of mine listed here. :D

Price: $20

Sweet Pink Head Bow

Additional views below:
1 2 3 4 5 6

Description: This is a lovely 100% cotton, super sweet head bow handmade by me.  All pieces seen here are detatchable to allow you to customize the look of the bow or even remove the bow to put it on something else.  The bow is firmly put together, so there is no need to worry about it falling apart while wearing it. The fake pearls you see here are neatly hot glued in place. The bow also includes interfacing for firmness and avoiding a see through effect.
**Notes of Interest: There may be the possibility to attach a hair comb (not included)  to the bottom of the bow to keep from slipping off your head when you bend over.  But depending on how you put it on, it may not slip off.  

Original Price: $26


Small White Polka Dots Red Bow

Additional Views:
1 2

Decription: Here's a small white and red, handmade polka dot headbow by me.  It's 100% cotton and complete with interfacing. Again, like the other bows, this one is removable and adjustable. Please note, this particular head piece is a little more heavy than my other ones because I put a little bit more interface on the larger bow than the other pieces, so you may need to attach a hair comb (not included) to the bow band to keep from slipping off when you bend over or look down, depending on how you place it on your head.

Original Price: $26


Sweet Shiro Headdress

Additional Views:
1 2
Description: Here is a sweet, shiro headdress hand made by me.  It's complete with white satin and grosgrain ribbon details and non cotton lace and trim.
**Notes of interest: This headdress is perfect in every way except for the fact that the lace on the ends flop up when handled, but once you put it on and don't touch it, it stays put.  Also, there is a noticable seam from the factory of the lace.  You can only notice it really up close.  Because of these little flaws, I've decided to list the price half of what I would like to put it up for.

Price: $10

If you have any questions, please fell free to ask here or PM.  I'm on my computer a lot, so I may be able to respond pretty quickly. :D Thank you for looking and have a nice evening!

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