cassie was a mess. (sainterre) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
cassie was a mess.

DS: Bodyline Skirt & Blouse, Brand New and Less Than $20~

Never had an occasion to wear either of these. They've both been tried on maybe once or twice, but never worn for longer than a few minutes. Both just came back from the dry cleaners and are crisp and brand new looking. 8D

- Payment by Paypal preferred, but willing to discuss other options.
- Smoke-free and (mostly) pet-free.
- Shipping is not included.
- I'm happy to ship internationally.
- No returns/refunds, and would prefer not to hold items as it's a small sale and they're both inexpensive.
- Feel free to ask for additional pictures.


Pic from Bodyline.

(Note that the little purple tag on the waist is just left over from the dry cleaners. It's pinned on and will be removed before I send it on. Left it on as proof they had just been cleaned! :D )

Asking $17 each or $30 for the pair. Shipping/Paypal fees are not included.
Tags: !ds, bodyline

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