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DS: 20% OFF! Angelic Pretty & BtSSB

Please read this first:
All payments must be made in SEK (swedish kronor) by PayPal or european bank transfer.
No holds, no returns, no trades.
Priority goes to firt person able to pay (= leaving their PayPal).
Payment is to be made within 24 hours after invoice is sent, otherwise the item goes to next person in line.
I'm not responsible for sent packages.
Measurments are amateur, but I've done the best I could with a measuring tape.

Also, please be aware that I own a cat, but I will of course remove any hair I see before shipping.

My feedback can be found here and here.

Angelic Pretty Twinkle Tartan JSK

My picture
Color: Pink
Description: A lovely tartan dress with glitter on it!
Condition: Bought second hand, never used by me due to not fitting. In very good condition!
Size: Har to tell since it didn't fit, but it doesn't have shirring so I'd say no more than 85 cm bust and maybe 70 cm waist.


Baby the Stars Shine Bright L'Oiseau Bleu JSK

My picture
Color: Brown
Description: A lovely brown shade with pink and wine red details. Shirring panel in the back.
Condition: Used a few times, still looks new.
Size: Standard BtSSB M size, I'd say up to 94 cm bust and 75 cm waist. Ties in the back.


Angelic Pretty boston bag

My picture
Color: Red
Description: A lovely red boston bag with a cute charm and lace and ribbons. Can hold a lot!
Condition: Used but still like new. Can't find any flaws on it at all.
Size: 32 x 23 x 10 cm


Thank you for looking! Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright

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