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AFC: multicolor wigs!~

feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/163107.html

accepting Commisions for multicolored wigs.

(wig I made as worn by me at Otakon: )

additional view: here .Sorry for weird poses, they were action shots =3= <3

I can make a wig like the above, or I can make add pigtails/curly falls. Yes, i can make the falls multicolored too. Yes, I can use more than two colors, but the cost will be higher.  The wig in the pictures is dark brown and light pink. This isn't really an auction, but I'm going to accept the two highest offers first either by the end of tomorrow or as they come, depending on the offers i get. Later, i will come back to other people who posted offers simply to respect the people who are interested first. I simply don't want to take on too many at once. 

Price suggestions:
If two people would like a Light blue X light pink wig(or two of the same colorway) +curly falls/ clip on pigtailspigtails, I can do do it for $80 each shipped in the USA.

If one person would like a Color X Color wig, I can do it for $90 shipped in the USA.

A wig like in the picture without clip-ons is $45 shipped in the USA.

**he high cost is because colored wigs+curly falls / clip on curly pigtails are expensive as a base cost to me.  If you can present a cheaper wig for me to alter, then of course the price is reduced.

Yes, you can facetrade, or just do pick up. But i need the money upfront to buy the wig(s).

I can finish the wigs in 1-3 days.  It takes with a week or 4 weeks for the wigs to come to me since they're basically always from asia.  If you are in the USA it will take 2-7 days to get to you after I ship it.

I hand sew the wig, but i brushed mine several times and wore it 4 days in a row and it completely held up to my antics.  I didn't have to correct anything.

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