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DS: Meta, F+F, Anna House, no-brand etc... plus mooks & socks

NO TRADES PLEASE (unless its Anna House or Rose Melody in my size)

All prices include USPS Priority shipping in the USA.
For international: Post Office makes it costly, but hey, I'll send anything anywhere if you're covering the shipping
PayPal and Money Orders gladly excepted

Reposts mostly: Don't like my price? Make me an offer!

  • feedback: in my LJ & new comm:

    ~~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~~

    Metamorphose underbust jsk - "little flower" series [?]
    price: $70

    size: typical Meta sizing, I'd recommend 38" bust /34" waist MAX

    More of a softer maiden look with many adorable details. Pintucks down the front and back, detachable waist ties. Buttons and small ties all down the front. The straps tie into bows on the shoulders. Fully lined in very pink fabric


    We're on a @#$%~duck!

    F+F halter jacket - AP replica
    price: $55

    size: Bust: 41"~45" / Waist: 34"~37"

    The previous owner cut off the extra "neck bow" fabric [?] but those are included!
    The pleated bust lace thing is also detachable

    Anna House "fairy princess" jumperskirt - I dare you to not feel like one while wearing it!
    price: $90

    size: Bust 42"~44" / Waist 34"~ 38"

    Much ruffles & ivory lace! Every tier of the white skirt is edged in lace. Shirred back, 2 detachable white bows (the bigger one is pinned in my hair), waist ties do not detach

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ... Nov 28, '09 - "fairy princess" for Disney night!

    the back

    "frill" cardigan
    price: $45

    size: Bust 42", has some stretch

    Lovely cardi w/ elbow-length sleeves. Only worn once


    H&M black blouse
    price: $15

    size: US 16 (bust 42" ... i think?)

    Pintucks down the front, elbow-length sleeves. Works really nicely under jumperskirts

    over-knee socks
    price: $12/each

    pair 1) skulls

    pair 2) kisses

    steampunk~rose ring

    this came from ... I don't remember where. The base is gorgeous filigree brass [?] and the size is adjustible

    Gothic & Lolita Bible - vol 24
    price: make an offer

  • BABY headdress
    Lovely gobelin [?] flowery print, with ribbon roses and bows


  • hair bows
    Dark navy blue velveteen ribbons with cameo-button center. The elastic has been cut to make it easier for tying on(personally, I just pin these into my hair... much easier)

  • handmade sailor skirt
    All seams are finished, lots of time/energy & care went into making this
    size: Waist 32~34" / Hips 42", total length counting waistband & lace: 21" (54cm)

    Features cute buttons down the front (they have tiny anchors on them!), 2 stripes of "braid" cord.. lace.. thing (do those have an official name? *iz dumb*) and is hemmed with Meta's "flower cotton lace" (yes really! It was ripped off an older skirt & recycled)

    Small elastic panel in back, zipper + snap on side. Two pleats in front & two in back. Skirt CAN be machine washed! on Cold setting. Just be careful around buttons when ironing afterwards

    details: elastic in back hem stripes

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