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!DS Offbrand clothing items and shoes. Nothing over 20 US dollars.

I wanted to go through my closet and get rid of a lot of the items I started out with but don't use anymore. These are really great for beginner lolita or for filler pieces. Please take these off my hands!

Before you buy, please read the following:
-I'm located in Akron, Ohio USA.
-I WILL ship internationally.
-I accept paypal ONLY. Paypal Fees have been included in price.
-Shipping has NOT been included. Please leave me your zip code or country so I can calculate cost.
-If you don't pay for tracking/insurance I can not be held responsible for lost packages.
-You can find my feedback here on the EGL feedback community.
-First to post their paypal address (and pays) gets item. I don't do holds. If you want to buy something I expect payment in 24 hours or the item will go to next in line.
-If you have any other questions please feel free to PM me or post a comment. =)

****Posts will be filtered/hidden to help with organization.***

JackFrost is my proof in most pictures; although, some of the other photos are from previous sales. If you need more photos of an item please ask. =)

Offbrand Pink Skirt SOLD

This is a cute baby-pink skirt I've had for awhile now. It has been worn, but is still in good condition with no flaws. I just don't wear it as much as I use to.
Length: 24 inches
It's a little long on my 5'3 frame, but I always folded it under and it worked fine. Would be great for someone who's taller.
Waist: 24-34in MAX.
The waistband is elastic, so it can stretch a lot, but I wouldn't go past 34 or 35in otherwise it might pinch.
Price:US $10

Black Vest SOLD

I was going to try boy-style but it just isn't me. This vest was only tried on and is in like new condition.

Close up of the back of the vest and the lining.
US Size Medium. Fits up to 38in bust. Is also adjustable via buttons on the back and on the neck.
Price: US $15

Tops, Bolero’s, and Blouses:
Forever brand lace jacket:

Close up of the pattern, collar, and top button:

This jacket is really lovely, just not my taste anymore. It’s got a nice satin lining and lovely lace flowers covering the entire jacket. Like-New condition.
US size Small. Only the top button buttons, so bust should be no problems.
If you have larger than average arms I wouldn’t get this, as the arm holes do not stretch.
Price: $15

Charlotte Russe Heart button blouse:  SOLD

Close up of buttons:

Bought and never worn, only tried on. It didn’t fit me well in the chest area. Like new condition. WARNING the collar on this is a little lower cut. It may show off a little cleavage. ^_^’’
US size Large; However, I’m a 38 bust and this was tight on me. I would say 36’in max.
Price: $5

Offbrand pink long sleeved bolero knit cardi: SOLD

Close up of knit, color, and button:

Black Patent Shoes

Love these just don't wear them much anymore. Still in good condition but they have minor ware on the front soles.

Close up of condition spots. You can see them on the base of the sole near the toe of the shoe.
US Size 4 (girls) But I'm a US size 6 in women's and they fit me perfectly.
Price: US $10

HotTopics black platform shoes:

These…are tall. They have about a 4 to 4 1/2 max platform. Like new condition. I’ve only worn these about 2 times. They’re pretty comfy… if you can walk in them.
US size 6
Price: $15 *these might need special shipping due to size/shape*

 Puppy purse!

Different angles and size ratio shots:

As you can see he’s not very big. You could probably fit a small digital camera in there and that’s about it. Great for change and small things, or just for decoration. I’ve never used him myself. Was a gift from my mom a few years ago, and all he’s been doing it sitting in a box. He needs someone who will love him. Like new condition.

Cute patent small white purse:   SOLD

Hopefully Jackfrost there will give you an idea on its size. It's a smaller bag. About 4 inches long and deep. You could fit a small digital camera in there and that's about it. Good for holding money, ID, and other small stuff.

Close up of bow details.

Inside of the purse.
Price: US $5

 Strawberry winter puff-ball hat:

Very cute knit hat with little strawberries on it. Save it for this coming winter.
Price: $5

 Vintage Lace gloves: SOLD

Close up of bow:

Some condition issues. Slighty dirty on fingers:

These are SMALL. If your hands are larger than 6’in long and 4’in wide please don’t get these. I have small little hands. I’ve worn these a few times, but being white they pick up everything. I have not tried to wash these. If you do please hand wash them so they don’t shrink or get ruined.
Price: $5

Rose Bacelet SOLD

This is a lovely cloth-made rose bracelet. It snaps around the wrist and is really cute. I just have nothing to wear it with.

I would not recommend this for larger wrists. I have very thin wrists and it fits me very well. I think it would have a hard time closing on a larger wrist.
Price $5

Thanks for looking
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