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Plus Size Clothing, Fabric Scraps, Plastic Jewelery, Socks, Accessories

*I ship from Alaska :D
*Immediate payment is preferred over other offers.
*I ship when payment clears from my Paypal to avoid chargebacks
*I ship with delivery confirmation and insurance for more expensive items.
*I do not get on the internet hardly anymore, please be patient with me! I have over 40 positive feedbacks and plan to keep my customer service good. :)
*All worn items will be dry-cleaned before being sent out.
*If you can't pay immediately please let me know before you commit to buy.
*Please don't waste my time if you're not serious about buying. :( I'm a very busy person.

*I reserve the right to accept higher offers on items
*You can view my feedback here, here, and under my old LJ banshee123 here.

Handmade sweet accessory lot; I forgot who made this but she has a company with unicorn prints! I made the wristcuffs.
Lot for $25 OR
A pair of wristcuffs (please specify hot pink or light pink berries --adjustable size with pink and white polka dotted ribbon) - $10
Hair accesories + pin - $10

Angelic Pretty cake bento set still in gift wrap directly from AP! Comes with chopsticks.
$30 or best offer

Worn view of ice cream 1 / Side view of ice cream / Side view of ice cream 2 / front view of bow
Handmade Ice Cream + Bow Rings - all come on adjustable bases
A. Creamsicle (orange x white)
B. Strawberry vanilla swirl
C. Green Tea
D. Strawberry
E. Strawberry with "real" strawberry chunks
F. Green bow
$2 or best offer

Meta Marine Stripe waist ties and detachable bow; apparently I forgot to send these off!
$7 or best offer

BABY 2007 calendar (cut it up and make things if you like!)
$5 or best offer

Angelic Pretty Black x pink striped over the knee socks - worn once!
$25 or best offer

Angelic Pretty candy head dress - with small comb attached to back for security + ribbons; unsure if previous user (from YJA) ever wore it, but looks fine to me! :)
$25 or best offer

Handmade Dual Tone Iridescent Tulle Bows
**all bows have the same slide clip in the back**
It's very difficult to catch how pretty they are on camera, because they are two tone and made with two different fabrics.
The layering order affects the overall color (pink over blue vs blue over pink).
Because these are handmade, they are not 100% perfect so please excuse very minor flaws.
Worn size reference

Pink x Purple Bow with falling pink, blue, and purple stars

Seafoam Green x Blue Bow with blue plastic charm

Blue x Pink Bow with purple star

$8 each or best offer

close up of details
Black x white Bodyline bunny hood cape - unworn; this cape is nicer and warmer than BTSSB capes I had! I've never worn this as I have a pink one myself. Comes with heart shaped buttons and detachable ears. Fits plus size fantastic and falls at hip.
$50 or best offer

Plastic Rings + Pins
A. Red x White Polka Dot Bow Ring
B. Magenta Sparkle Bow Ring
C. Green Bunny Ring
D. White x Black Polka Dot Bow Ring
E. Pink x White Polka Dot Bow Ring
F. Black x White Polka Dot Bow PIN
G. White x Black Polka Dot Bow PIN
Rings $1 / Pins $0.50 or best offer

strawberry + floral bow on white i thiiink from aya of dreamshoppe?

Dual Star Lollipop Pin - has small pink waffle cookie + cream with a bow
$10 or better offer

Anna House custom size blouse in black
Amazing blouse from Anna House worn once :) great quality; made for 46" bust, 37" waist, but it will fit smaller and larger ~4-5 inches due to shirring and corset lacing in the back.
$40 or best offer

Plain red bow, made by kyodomo with pin attachment.

Iridescent Shooting Star Hair Slides
Modelled by my boyfriend. :P
A. Pink, blue, gold
B. Blue, purple, gold
C. Pure gold
D. Pink, purple, blue
$8 or best offer

Fruits Parlor left over fabric from waist ties; perhaps you could make a bow out of them? :)

A. Star Scepter - glittery translucent star scepter with bow, heart gem, and tulle.
B. Strawberry Star Lollipop - wrapped in tulle
Right now these do not have a pin on it; I can leave it the way it is or put a pin/hair clip etc on it for you and cut the length if needed.
Example of mine as a pin on my bag. :)
$7 or best offer

Ridiculous cupcake necklace **comes with extra cupcake charm**
Strawberry cupcake with swirled pink AND blue frosting (this was hard to capture in the pic), heart and star flower charms, with a pink yogurt pretzel. The free charm is a lemon cupcake with pink frosting, sprinkles, and an orange slice. Comes with white plastic chain and purple + yellow heart shaped closing links.
$10 or best offer

Secret Shoppe Angel Pony socks in black - only tried on one of them for a minute (unworn)
$20 or best offer

Cell Phone Charms
A. Green tea eclair, strawberry, strawberry cake slice with white x black polka dotted bow on a white cell phone strap
B. Pudding, strawberry cake, strawberry with lavender x white charm bow on a pink cell phone strap
$7 or best offer.

Round, white headdress for classic, gothic, or even sweet lolita. Handmade by a friend with cotton lace. Stitching on the back isn't perfect as you can see, but looks fantastic worn.

Detachable sleeves from a black BTSSB blouse (regular size; max is around 14" so you need to be less than that)
$15 or best offer

Angelic Pretty kira kira headband in white
$35 or best offer

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