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Urgent DS: Skirts and boots

♥~Terms of Sales~♥

Paypal Preferred
Price it's in USD
Shipping it's NOT include in the price unless stated.
I ship from Costa Rica (10-16 days), Registered Airmail
I can ship via EMS but it's expensive ($30-$40)
Estimated shipping in America for the skirts $10-20
First to leave PP address gets the item
I have feedback in
eglfeedback and my journal
 Item # 1
Wonder cookie skirt replica in PINK
I bought this before I decide to leave sweet style
The skirt it's complete new, never worn outside the house, only tried it on for the picture.
The quality of this skirt it's amazing, I really was tempted to keep it but sadly, I really need some shoes instead right now...

$55 USD OBO ON HOLD for 

Waist: 58-80 cm

Item #2
Merry Sweet castle skirt replica in BLACK SOLD
Selling because I'm not into sweet anymore, new, never worn but hand washed.
This skirt have a very thick fabric similar to the ones used by BTSSB.
The skirt came with a discoloration in the upper part but isn't very noticiable.

30% Off $35 USD

Waist: 70-97 cm
Print Close up
Discoloration with flash

Item #3
Off-white Bodyline Boots SOLD
Worn twice, but I don't feel very comfortable wearing high boots.
There are some little scuffs in the inside part of the right boot.
Not noticeable when worn.

20% Off $45 OBO

Size: 24.5 (JP) 8 (US)
Tags: !ds, bodyline

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