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DS: Rare Emily Temple Cute Alice In Wonderland dress & BTSSB Heart Shaped Bag


 Hello everyone, after a selling frenzy at the start of the year im back to sell off the final few lolita pieces I have *sighs*

First of all here is my feedback ***clicky*** I also have a feedback entry on my Livejournal here ***clicky***

I am in the UK but will post anywhere in the world. I ONLY post things via a signed for method which will cost more but provides peace of mine for both of us. 

I can only accept paypal payments in British pounds (GBP)

My paypal email address is

Item goes to the first person to leave their paypal or offers a higher amount

Paypal fees are included in the price.

I may accept offers but I do not want to trade as I need the money not more stuff.

1) Emily Temple Cute Alice In Wonderland Dress

I really didn't want to have to sell this dress as its one of my most expensive and prized possessions but I really need the money at the moment.

I got this dress around 4 years ago from Yahoo Japan (via celga) it cost 30,000yen which is around £220 or $350 This doesnt include Celga's fees etc. The dress has only been worn a few times and its in perfect condition.

It was a bit big for me when I was a UK 6 so I would say it would best suit a UK 8 to a small 12

The measurements are: Max bust 36, Max waist 29, Max hips 38.

It does have a lace corset bit at the front so you can make it a little smaller/larger too.

Oh and the polka dot trim at the bottom is attached by little buttons so you can take it off to change up the look of the dress.

I was going to ask for £175 for this as its definately worth it but I would accept £150.00 which would include UK postage by recorded delivery.

For postage within the EU add £8.00 and for the rest of the world add £15.00

Here are all my pictures of it:

2) Baby The Stars Shine Bright Bag WITH BTSSB bag!

Oh how I coveted this bag for MANY years, every time I had the money to buy it it was sold out and when I got it I realised I just wanted to have it not to use it which isnt right as its a lovely bag that needs to be shown off.

Its in perfect condition....I even have the original BTSSB carrier  bag it came in which is a lovely item in itself :)

I paid 16590 yen for the bag alone which is £120 or almost $200. The total with fees, shipping and horrible customs fees was almost £200!!

I would like to get £110 for it which would include recorded delivery postage within the UK

For postage within the EU add £8.00 for worldwide add £15.00

Here are the pictures:

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and ill get back to you ASAP


Marina xo
Tags: baby the stars shine bright, emily temple cute

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