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DS: AP milky chan, AP Fancy Melody jsk, MMM shirring jsk, Meta and BTSSB blouses and AP cutsew

Hi there!

My proof's photo is a plushie cat but the clothes was in my sister's house and there I hadn't the plushie, but in pupe you can search my and you can see I have the items, search: Dieya.

- I ship from Spain.
- I have two cats.
- Paypal payment method (bank transfer for spanish buyers)
- You can choose the type of shipement (tracking or not)
- All prices excluding shipping and paypal fees.
- No trades but you can offer me.- My feedback:

Moi Meme Moitie shirring jsk

180€ + Shipping (or offer me)

Black Milky chan with polka dots jsk

200€ + shipping(or offer me)
  Sold out

Red Fancy Melody jsk

220€ + shipping (or offer me)
Sold out

Metamorphose black blouse

35€ + shipping (or offer me)         Sold out

Btssb white blouse (removable sleeves, but I forget put in the photo)

60€ +  shipping (or offer me)

AP red cutsew (removable sleeves)

45€ + shipping (or offer me)

AP pink Milky Chan Cardigan

60€ +  shipping(or offer me)

Other sales:
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