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-My feedback is here.
-Shipping from NYC, all prices include Priority shipping within the USA
-International Buyers welcome, just ask about shipping :3 (I ship Priority by default, but if you want it sent airmail (with tracking + confirmation) let me know)
-You can haggle, but only a little bit~ all profits are going towards dues and a religious convention, thanks ; w; <3

Angelic Pretty redxwhite polkadot skirt ((PRICE REDUCED))


Very good condition. I had purchased it secondhand, and it has a tiny stain on the heart lace from the previous owner-- but it's hardly noticeable, especially against the bold pattern. I haven't tried to take it out myself, but since the stain is very light and like a food stain, you can probably get it out with a little soap and water, or a bleach pen or something.

Since this is pretty vintage, the shirring on the back only stretches a tiny bit, and I would say that the skirt will fit COMFORTABLY on a 28 inch waist.

I'm hoping for around 150120 $100, including priority shipping, or best offer :3

Angelic Pretty pinkxwhite cutsew blouse

Second hand, never been worn by me. It's in like-new condition. :3 I'm looking for $70 including Priority shipping.

BTSSB White blouse

This is also secondhand. I had gotten this off of a Japanese auction, the former wearer had done a number on this blouse xD;

It's in worn condition-- there are very light sweat stains. I had put this in the wash and the stains are mostly gone. If any, they aren't noticeable unless you literally hunt them down, usually around the wrist area and the underarms. As far as the worn condition, the underarm areas have a bit of light pillage.

I'm looking for about $25 including shipping :3

BTSSB antique white wristcuffs

These are new, never been worn. The design is pointed, you can sort of see this on the right. They've just been sitting in my drawer so they're not ironed atm

I'm looking for $25 including shipping <3

Metamorphose pinkxred socks

I've only worn these once or twice. They're in good condition, no pillage or anything like that.

I'm looking for around $12 including shipping :3

Hello Kitty pouchette

Used. It has two pockets for change, one w/zipper. The backside is a platinum pink-ish color. can fit a thick wallet (mine is pretty thick), or PSP and a cellphone comfortably, that's not including whatever can fill the pockets.

Extra details here.
I'm looking for $7 incl. shipping.

3D Nails

I've worn this maybe once, if not to only try them on. :> I'm asking for $10, including shipping :3

I DO DECLARE Dino a la Mode skirt (pinkxblk)

I wasn't really able to wear this like I wanted to :< Give it a good homeee

I've only worn it like once or twice. The design shows a T-Rex being walked by a loli, it's really cute. The waist is like 30 inches, there's no shirring in the waistband.

I'm looking for hopefully $30 including shipping.

Thanks and happy shopping <3
Tags: angelic pretty, indie brand, metamorphose, offbrand

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