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DS/DT: Bodyline and Offbrand

•Paypal Only, please
•Offers and trades welcome.
•More pictures can be taken upon request. :-)
•No holds, unless you are willing to put down a non-refundable payment
•Shipping not included in price, unless stated.
•I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Please note: International packages cannot be shipped until Wednesday or Thursday. Sorry for any inconvenience.

EGL FB: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/354269.html

Trade Info: I am looking for blouses and skirts in DARK COLOURS. DO NOT show me pastels. My Measurements are 38"Bust 31-22"waist. Offbrand is ok. :-)

Bust: 34"-38"
Waist: 27"-32"
This has been altered a little bit to fix the max size better than it did, this does not effect the min size. And the straps have been moved over to a better location from the original dress. It just fixes the fit issues it had. The zipper has been replaced with a working one and a hook and eye has been installed
Price: SOLD

Cherry Dress
I have removed the really ugly scratchy lace from this dress.
Bust: 34"-41"
Waist: 30"-38" Could be smaller with waist ties
It also has the option to put a ribbon in the back to lace it up corset style and could go smaller. The zipper has been removed coz it was put in funny and pinched. It's strechy and able to be pulled over your head though.
Price: $SOLD

Offbrand Mary Jane Pumps
Worn only a handful of times.
Size: US 7.5 24.5cms
Price: $15

Eyelet Jacket
Bust: 34"-36"
Waist- 28"-30"
Price: $9

On Etsy I have lace, jewelry and other clothing:
Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade
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