sugacandy (tsukiko_ai) (sugacandy) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
sugacandy (tsukiko_ai)

!EA Btssb and Angelic pretty auctions on ebay!


Hi! i am selling 4 lolita items on ebay.

Btssb pouch

Btssb cutsew

Btssb socks

Angelic pretty shoes

I can take an offer for the shoes through lj. i can't sell them any cheaper on ebay because of all the charges :) so if you are interested in these shoes please feel free to make a reasonable offer. Thanks!

Please remember it may take a while for me to respond if you are far from France because of the time difference :) 

I have some feedback in my journal and here

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ea, angelic pretty

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