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Metamorphose Noel JSK 20% OFF!!

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My only accepted payment method is PayPal.
I generally ship within a few days of receiving payment.
Priority will go to the first person to leave their Paypal.
Prices are negotiable.
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I am not responsible for any damages done to items after they have left my hands. All sales are final.


This is my purple dinosaur. He will be my proof today.

Metamorphose Noel JSK in pink~ $50 $40 shipped to the US. ($I can go down $5-10), I really need this gone!

It has a stain on it's front and it's waist ties have been snapped off. (This is my fault and my stupidity when dealing with zippers.) It has been hemmed up due to the length of the detachable fur at the bottom by a professional seamstress, and could be taken out by you if you wanted.

Here is the stain. It's grayish and a little hard, almost like glue. The picture showing the entire JSK was taken without moving the dinosaur, so you have a good idea of where it is. It's small and not very noticeable. I received it this way, and the owner before me bought it second hand, so it must have come from the first owner.

Here is the hem job. This is on the inside of the dress, and no dark thread shows on the outside.

This is the outside of the hem. No dark thread. :)

There is a little loose thread on the inside of the jumperskirt, but could probably be easily cut off.

Here is what is left from the waist ties snapping off. I have no idea where the waist ties went. The buttons holding them on snapped off on both sides.

The other side.

Now that the flaws have been shown, here are the upsides. :3 The JSK is a soft, baby pink. It is corduroy fabric and very warm. The max measurements are 30" waist and 38" bust, minimum 24" waist and 34" bust. There is a detachable broach with bows and a strand of pearls, plus a bow with tiny pearls sprinkled on at the waist. Shirring panel at the back, detachable fur at the bottom.

There's a small amount of tulle/organza(?) to keep the fur lifted up.

Satin lining.

Zipper on the side.

The satin lining goes all the way up to the top on the JSK.

Thanks for looking!
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