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DS: BTSSB Bunny bear bag, Angelic Pretty OP, Angelic Pretty melody bag, Offbrand + Homemade items

Notes: Paypal only
            US only
            Shipping is included in the prices
            Please only comment if interested
            I'm located in the USA
            Feedback can be found here:

BTSSB Bunny bear bag
Description: She is huge and I believe she is an older rarer version of the bags! In perfect condition. BTSSB logo under the right foot. Has two detachable long straps for carrying her on your back and the back zips open to use her as a purse. Bunny hoodie pulls back to reveal bear ears. The hands have magnets in them which can keep them closed together as shown in 2nd picture above. Her arms and legs are rotatable (shown in picture 3).
Asking price: On hold for Scare_Ah

Angelic Pretty Strawberry OP rare



Details: Worn only once or twice. Has fully shirred bodice and elasticated sleeves and will fit various sizes. I'd say no larger than 30" waist and 36" bust. 
Asking price: On hold for gokokeshi

Angelic Pretty Melody Bag

Description: Sold as is. Maybe somebody out there could do something to fix it for themselves. There are scuffs on the front and back, 1 of the handles is loose, and the zipper pull came off (you can easily put on a different zipper pull though).
Asking price: $30

H and M Loli-able dress

Details: bust: 32" waist 28" Worn only once.
Asking price: $45 

Homemade Wa-loli outfit with matching headbow.

Details: I've only worn it once to a meetup. Nice cluny lace is used to edge the skirt and the sleeve openings. Top closes with a safety pin and ends a little past the bust. Will fit up to 34" bust. Skirt is elasticated and will fit a 28" waist. Petticoat can be worn underneath. Obi closes at back with velcro. 
Asking price: $65

Homemade (not by me) crown

Details: Very pretty! The pearls are opalescent and shine rainbow colors when in the light. 
Asking price: $30

Purple parasol

Asking price: $35

Homemade coffee lolita dress


Details: Fully lined. Will fit up to 34" bust and 29" waist. Closes at the side with a zipper. There's a small tear on the side as indicated in picture above. 
Asking price: $55

Thanks for looking! :)
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