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WTB Black RHS and wa-lolita accessories

Just like the title implies, I'd like to buy a pair of black RHS, US size 10. I believe that's about 27cm. I'd really prefer the kind with the attached 'leather' straps, but I'll consider ribbon straps. I did see a mary jane version this past weekend, and they were pretty wicked too, so I'm pretty open to whatever~ Wood sole would be super awesome, but I'm sort of on a budget~ I'd prefer to not pay more than $60 shipped, but I'm open for debate. I think I only paid $45 for my white ones~ Good condition preferred, but I won't mind a couple of scuffs as I'm pretty clumsy myself.

I'm also sort of looking for some wa-lolita accessories. Hair clips or little flowers, something like that~ My dress is black with pink and cream flowers and gold detailing.

I'd prefer a US seller, just cause I'm hoping to get these within a week or two~ I'd really like to wear them for a meet on the 15th, but I won't be too heartbroken if I don't get to.

I'm hoping this is ok, but I'll be able to pay no sooner than tomorrow. I have a little bit of cash in my account right now, but I have to deposit the rest before I can send payment~ I figure this shouldn't be too big of a deal since I have to wait for this to get posted, by which time I'll already be at work, and won't get home until around midnight, when most people are asleep anyways. Still, I thought I'd mention it in case someone was hoping for IMMEDIATE payment~

*can't forget!* My feedback:
Dolly Market

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