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DS: Bodyline skirt + Bang extensions


+ I prefer to sell to those in the US, but will ship internationally
+ I am not responsible for the package after i send it if you don't want insurance
+ Shipping and paypal fees not included in price
+ I will take best offers and try to work things out with you ^-^
+ No trades at the moment please
+ If you show interest you have 3 hours to claim it before it goes to the next person in line

Bodyline bustle skirt:
This skirt is no longer available on the bodyline website, and the pictures just dont do it justice. It is very cute, and the bustle adds a little bit of elegance to it. The only flaw is a very small bit of yellowing on a very small bit of lace, which is very hard to notice.

Clip in bangs:
These were only ever held up to my hair to see if they were too dark, which they were. They are very full and have two clips to attach them to your own hair. They are a pretty dark shade of brown. Made out of Kanolekan fibers (sorry if i spelled that wrong)

Older sales:
Medical Corset:
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