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DS: Angelic Pretty Milky Planet , Wonder Cookie, wristcuffs, socks, shoes

Shipping from the Netherlands, shipping costs not included
Priority goes to the one who can pay full amount and leaves paypal-address first. *update* Please don't forget to leave your paypaladdress in your post if interested!
Payments have to be made within 24 hours after invoice. Contact me if there is a problem.
*update* Please leave your message here if interested in buying and don't pm me~
No trades
I have good feedback on egl here and on ebay:

For Direct Sale

Angelic Pretty Milky Planet skirt in black 200 euro {approx. $263} SOLD

This skirt is new, only tried on. I still have the fabric swatch, buttons and original price tag. I paid 214 euro for it. The reason I want to sell her is because I want to save for a (yellow) jsk.

Measurements according to Angelic Pretty:
Length : approx 46 cm
Waist: approx 63 cm- 73 cm

stock picture:

proof of ownership 1
proof of ownership 2

Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie Bustier jumperskirt in navy blue 200 euro {approx. $263} SOLD

The jsk is also brand new, just worn once and took pictures with it. Comes with fabric swatch and buttons. This is the halter style jsk, a very elegant dress.

Measurements according to Angelic Pretty:
Length : approx. 89 cm + 3,5 cm lace
Bust : approx 84 cm
Waist: approx 67 cm

The back is half shirring.

stock pictures:

proof of ownership 1
proof of ownership 2

Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie cuffs (blue) 28 euro {approx. $37} SOLD

These are new and only tried on for pictures. The cuffs have the same beautiful purple-blue color like the dress, but will match other colorful outfits too~

stock picture:

proof of ownership

Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie socks (white) 25 euro {approx. $33} SOLD

The socks are new, worn once for pictures, but hardly stretched out. The material is very soft if you compare them to Jewelry Jelly of SNT socks. Nice and comfy:)

stock picture:

proof of ownership

Bodyline plateau heel shoes in red 20 euro {approx. $26} or best offer

These shoes are size 24. The heel is approx 12 cm high.
Please ask the shipping price, because the shoes are deceptively heavy.

stock picture:

stock picture 2

Please inquire if you want a proof of ownership for these shoes^^

Innocent World strawberry knee socks 15 euro {approx $20} SOLD

These socks are worn once during a photoshoot. They are in good condition.
color: ivory/red

stock picture:

proof of ownership
note: I sell the ivory/red ones on the left

Thanks for looking ♥
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