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ENDED DA Milky Planet Lavender JSK ENDED

My feedback here!

In my fervor to successfully acquire this piece of beauty, I ended up with 2. I finally just got the second one in hand, so I am putting it up for auction.








Proof of ownership photos:

milky planet 006

milky planet 005

As I said before, I own this dress in my personal collection as well; just to prove that I am selling the NWT one, here are photos with mine, just to show that I do, in fact, have two:

milky planet 007

milky planet 008

I am putting it up for auction due to overwhelming interest even just among friends to buy it at the price I paid, so it would be impossible to decide just one person to give it to, so I'll make you guys decide the fairest price!

I haven't seen any of these on the comm for sale yet. The original price was 24990 yen. Shipping to the US was 3600 yen, and I was charged $60 in customs fees. In total, I paid about exactly $400 for this dress, so I will make that the starting bid. (I did not go through a shopping service, so there is no shopping service fee included. Keep in mind, though, that if you had bought this through a service it would add another ~15-20% onto the base price, or about 3750-5000 yen, so another $45-60 on top of that. Just for the base price, with no scalping included. :)

The final bid price will include Paypal fees. For shipping within the continental US, please add $10 in top of the final price. For shipping internationally please add $35 on top of the final price. I will only ship internationally via EMS/Express mail, and should you choose to have it insured for less than the total price (ie, if you ask me to mark down the value for customs purposes), I am not responsible for the difference between your price paid and what the post reimburses you from insurance. I accept PAYPAL ONLY for payments.

The auction will end at 11pm EST on Sunday, August 8. I reserve the right to adjust this time based on personal plans made between now and then. Should I do so, I will inform all current bidders and post it largely on this post. If you are interested in the auction and will not be around to see this if I decide to change the end time, please express your interest before the last day so I can keep you informed.

The bidding will start at $400 as stated above. Please bid in no less than $10 increments.

I will take bids by PM until 30 min before the auction's ending time. I will accept a "max bid" via PM and update your bid in increments of $10 on your behalf if you do not wish to do so yourself (like on eBay).

Please note, I do not accept "sniping" attempts, and similar to Ebay/Yahoo Japan's methods, I will extend the auction 15 min past any last minute bids to allow other users to place further bids. (Considering I allow proxy bids as well, it's really not in your best interest to try to snipe anyway, since the other user's high bid may be higher than your bid anyway.)

I prefer to receive payment in full within one week of the auction's ending, but other arrangements can be made. In case of a payment plan, I require a NONREFUNDABLE down payment of minimum $100 or half the final price, depending on the circumstances. Please inquire if applicable.

(All detail photos taken from my personal collection jsk when I first got it just to show off the cute. The jsk I am auctioning has never been removed from its plastic.)

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to ask. ♥

Current high bid: $610

This auction has ended with a final high bid of $680. Thank you all for your interest! ♥
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