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WTB Pink OTK's, AP Socks, BtSSB Headbow, petticoat, and more!

Important Notes:

Shipping: I'm in Canada (L1V 5X9), please let me know how much the basic shipping would be and also the price of tracking/insurance if possible!
Payment: I can pay by non-CC Paypal.
Feedback: I have positive feedback at my LJ, EGLFeedback, and on Ebay.

OTK Pink Socks

I need a pair of OTK's for an outfit I'm planning for FanExpo (August 27-29) so they need to be here by then! I'm open to brand or offbrand. Must be a light, baby pink (think BtSSB socks), plain or patterned is fine (I'd like the main colour to be pink, with possibly white and/or black). I'd like to keep these under $20 USD shipped. For reference, I'm 5'1" so socks that are a little shorter than normal OTK's might work for me :)

I'm also interested in other accessories with the same colour scheme/time frame as the OTK socks. A headbow (no head eating), wristcuffs, hair ties, etc. but no jewellery (unless it's brand). It would be conditional on how much you're looking for and what accessories I can put together, but I'm willing to look at anything!

Angelic Pretty Short Boot Socks in Black and White

I *need* these socks! Sold out on both AP's English and Japanese sites. Willing to pay full price, maybe even a bit more. Only looking for this colour, otherwise I can't coordinate it with nearly as many things ):

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Strawberry and Cherry Ribbon Headbow in Black

Still in stock on Baby's website, but I know it's been released twice and I don't mind buying the older version headbow for cheaper (the skirt I own is from the first release anyways). Basically looking to pay less than ~$50 directly from BtSSB :)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright The World's Most Cutest Puppy and the World's Most Delicious Parfait Headbow in Black

I'm not even sure if there *is* a matching headbow to this, but if so, I need it! In BlackxWhite would be preferable, but BlackxBlack would work too.

Classical Puppets/Dear Celine Petticoat

Looking for a nice, organza petticoat in black (possibly white also). Preferably one of CP's petticoats, but also interested in DC's. Not looking to pay more than the price if purchased directly from Taobao (seeing if anyone has one they're looking to sell before I order it via a TaoBao SS).


I have some older sales here including BtSSB's Scallop Princess JSK, Bustle Skirt, and a F21 Blouse that I can trade/partial trade :)
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