krapulette (krapulette) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

! quick DS: meta + btssb + shoes an-ten-na+ hat handmade

No smocking home and no pets
I prefer europeans buyers but for others ask me
paypal ( add fees ) only
No trade, no hold

Set: meta dress Cross + SS socks

Really beautiful dress, but now doesn't feet me ><
Worm few times but in excellent condition like new
Socks worm one time at home

Bust: max 110 cm ( full shirred )
Waist: max 110 cm
Lenght: 88 cm

Bolero Btssb gingham

So cute but not really my style.

Size: Small ( 36/38 )

Price: 20 euros + shipping

Shoes An-Ten-Na EGL

Good condition and good quality
Too big for me

Size: L ( eur=38/39 )

Price: 20 euros + shipping

Hat custom AatP inspired

Finally, I'm not  a pirat loli.
I never worm, just finish and try 5 minutes

Price: 20 euros + shipping

Tags: !ds, an-ten-na, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose, secret shop

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