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DT / S: Cherry lace headbow by BTSSB (in red), ONLY WITHIN CHILE.

I have feedback over here. For some reason there are only five feedback points, but I've done many successful ones in the community and outside it, so you can trust me.
 I ONLY do business within CHILE. I prefer selling within ANTOFAGASTA or SANTIAGO. 

I have three dogs, in case you're allergic. 
Any questions? Email me at sweet dot tsuki at gmail dot com.


I'm looking to TRADE this bow for a pair of smaller bows, attached to haircombs or to hairbands, in the same colour. Handmade or brand, either is fine. 

This bow features lovely cherry lace as pictured over here, and it measures 18 cm wide. It is not too big but not too small, so I think it is the perfect size for anybody that likes normal-to-slightly big bows. It has only been tried on, never worn for longer than two minutes.
The colour is as accurate as pictured - a rich shade of red.

In case you really want it, I'll sell it for $15.000 Chilean pesos, and we'll arrange a meeting to give it to you in person, if you are either in Santiago or Antofagasta. The same goes for trades - I prefer meeting in person than sending stuff via mail. 

Thank you for your time and comprehention!
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