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!DS&Updates: New Secret Shop Boots Pre-order, Custom House Boots, Classical Puppets

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Secret Shop Boots & Shoes Pre-Order/Reminder

Secret Shop Boots Model 9822 Pre-Order is now open. 1 more Boots Pre-order will open in a later time which will make it total 3 models of Boots this year.

Secret Shop Boots Model 9822

The other Secret Shop boots pre-order:
Secret Shop Boots Model 9800(Pre-Order)

(Contact me for combined shipping, combined shipping will be much cheaper)
Shipping cost of a pair of boots(2kg):
<EMS/Express shipping to Canada has adjusted a little bit recently>
- Australia, New Zealand
Registered Airmail: US$28.00; EMS/Express: US$28.00
Registered Airmail: US$28.00; EMS/Express: US$33.00
- Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Luxembourg
Registered Airmail: US$28.00; EMS/Express: US$34.00
Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico
Registered Airmail: US$33.00; EMS/Express: US$:43.00
- Ukraine, Croatia
Registered Airmail: US$28.00; EMS/Express: US$43.00
- Russia, Czech
Registered Airmail: US$35.00; EMS/Express: US$43.00

(Contact me for combined shipping, combined shipping will be much cheaper.)

Secret Shop Shoes Pre-Orders that are still open:

Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Model 9807 (7 colours, 4 sizes)
   - In-stock Tea Party shoes, please look on the site.
Secret Shop Shoes Model 9825 (3 colours, 3 sizes)
Secret Shop Shoes(Sandles) Model 9831 (4 colours, 3 sizes)

Apart from the Tea Party Shoes, these Secret Shop Shoes & Boots are still in stock, please look on the site for colours and quantity available.
Secret Shop Boots Model 9202(In Stock)

Secret Shop Shoes model 9830(In Stock)

Secret Shop Shoes Model 9678(In Stock)

Custom House
All Custom House boots only available in Calfskin Leather which will allow you to walk in snow/rain and are  more durable than Synthetic leather. Calfskin colour swatch in here. There are  a lot more colours besides those, you can email us if you're interested in other colours.

All Shoes and Boots can be custom made, calf circumference, soles, bows, colour coordination ect, even if your feet are of different size, you can customize each of your shoe separately.

<All the sample shoes in the pictures are made of Synthetic Leather>
Custom house Boots Model 0465(Calfskin leather only)

Custom House Boots Model 1103
(Calfskin leather only)

Custom House Boots Model 1105(Calfskin leather only)

Classical Puppets

Classical Puppets Bell Shaped Petticoat(4 colours available)
Price: US$36.95 + 7(postage/international)

<All Classical Puppets Petticoats will need 1-2 weeks to manufacture.>

New Classical Puppets Accessories (Pillows + headband + minihat)

Any questions, feel free to ask in either here or using the Contact Form and I will reply shortly. To make an order, please download/fill out the Order Form and email it as attachment to info[at]clobbaonline[dot]com. Thanks~
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