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Selling Gothic and Lolita Bibles,ds, UK

My feedback page is here:
As you can see, no ones left feedback yet as I havent sold anything in well over a year - so I dont remember who I sold to - and  havent bought anything in a good while either from here.
Recent Feedback (spanning back many years) I have available on ebay (- my id name is glitterydolls) -

Current Location in the UK ( England),
Aiming to sell to UK only at present,
(  but if you are over seas I will consider it - but be wary of shipping price being higher! approx £ 10.00 - sorry  )

I will track items, and I am happy to insure GLBs if you buy more than 1 or request me to do so. ( At no extra cost )
Each GLB will be £ 12.00

Volumes for sale:

7, 15,16,19, and 26.

Photo evidence of GLBS
Sorry its not the best photo, I only have a cam  in my laptop to use at present - had to take a photo and dangle my laptop lol

(I also have volumes 27,28,.29.31,32,33, and 34 - if any one would like to buy one let me know, its taken me for ever to write out descriptions!  >.< )

I will give a description of features / extras:

Volume 7 -
winter 2003, London snap, and a few pages of londons sights. victorian maiden,bttsb, alice auaa.
models: mana sama ( moi meme moitie) Aya, kana, Novala,
Patterns: Black peace now and elements

Volume 15 -
2004 winter, angel vs demon themed, victorian maiden / mary magdelene, scarf tutorial
 Models: Kana, Aya, Mana, Hakuei and Tomo,
Pattern: Heart bag, and capelet? caplet by kana moon - if its not then its a japanese brand i dont recognise the letters of.

Volume 16 -
spring 2005, prince and princess themed. Brands are : putomayo, Black peace now, btssb etc
Models, kana, mana, aya, misako,
Pattern: Union jack long sleeved blouse, Mam - head dress, elements.(waist coat)?, and some other thing that i cant see as I've never taken the patterns out.

Volume 19 -
Winter 2005, Aya and Yuri, Hakeui ( penicilin), Mana,  Basically, lots and lots of clothes from lesser known labels such as quitie frash, excentrique, marble etc and a feature on theatre.
Models: kana, Mana,Aya, Novala, Misako ( for putomayo) satchi and yuka ? from kokusyoku sumire - angelic pretty
Pattern: a skirt and some thing else i cant work out what it is without taking the page out!
Volume 26 -

Volume 26

Autumn 2007, black peace now in paris,cute flower fairy stickers, h. naoto, alice and the pirates / btssb, putomayo
, innocent world, blood
Models: Misako,the  funky girl with the dreadlocks!  Mana sama,hakuei,, kaya, and novala
Pattern: a dress, 3 quater length trousers with braces,a hat :D and a shirt. ( dont know the brand)

Shipping costs:

uk -£  2.75 for an individual GLB
Will have to calculate new cost if you're wanting more than one,

Payable via Paypal only.

I dont think I have missed anything? Feel free to ask questions.


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