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DT: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Pintuck JSK in red

Hi guys~

Here is my feedback on EGL
And here is even more feedback on my journal.

I ship from 96818 USA. I save all my USPS receipts in case anything comes up during a transaction.

My terms of sale:

+ I ship from Hawaii, USA.

+ I am not responsible for items lost in the mail once they have left my possession.

+ All my items are clean. As in, if I've worn them at all, I've taken them to the dry cleaners and not worn them since.

+ Since my plans for a summer trip fell through, I would like to do some emotional therapy trade for something awesome. :"| I'm picky, but the worst I can say is 'no thank you'. I have nothing specific in mind, just a few restrictions below.

** Customers from previous sale, your items will be shipped out tomorrow August 3rd. Thank you for your patience.

Item #1: Want to trade!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Pintuck JSK

+ Fully shirred

+ Ribbon Corseting in back

+ Detachable waist ties

+ Rare scarlet color way

+ Worn once and washed

I'd like to trade this for something...

+ Brand
+ Not AP
+ Not pink

^ Those are my only specifics.

I'd especially like a JSK, sailor set, or Meta's Nurse set :"D

I can partial trade + $$ for rarer prints within reason.

as a guideline

I may take sale offers as well, if there are no trade offers. This was previously listed in a DS for $180.
Tags: !dt, baby the stars shine bright

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